Friday, May 11, 2012

Bay of Fundy Scenic Railway

NB Southern and Metis at Chesley Drive in Saint John, by David Morris
NB Southern at Chesley Drive. Photo by David Morris.

The New Brunswick Southern Railway is partnering with cruise ships to offer a short train excursion for cruise ship passengers. They are calling it the Bay of Fundy Scenic Railway.

Passengers will be bused to Harbour Station to board the train. The train will then proceed across the Reversing Falls bridge and through Simms Corner, then back up to the Bayshore Yard by the site of the former roundhouse at Sea Street. That batch of passengers will disembark and the next load will be waiting for them, having been bused there from the ship. This will be repeated through the day as necessary.

Disney Cruise Line has a page on it, featuring the NBSR green passenger cars and the Metis. It does not appear to be exclusive to Disney, as Royal Caribbean is also offering it.

The tour will have a guide on board giving a talk on the sights outside the train. Tickets are $55 but I do not believe they will be open to the general public.

This is a great initiative by NB Southern and will enhance the cruise ship experience for visitors... and also provide more railfan opportunities! Thanks to Bob Boudreau for the information.


Karl A. said...

What a great looking train, I will add that to my bucket list!

Unknown said...

Seems like tourist trains are on the rise, hopefully SFG can get theirs off the ground.

I also stayed in that hotel one year on a school trip. Uufortunatly all the trains I saw from the room were at night.