Saturday, May 05, 2012

Be Safe Out There

Containers on the Prairie
Operation Lifesaver has been running their annual Rail Safety Week and posting lots of good stories and video.

Manitoba Public Insurance posted a video about crossing safety. The comments on that web page really bear repeating:

Don't Stop on Railway Tracks
I see this all the time in Winnipeg, especially at crossings like Shaftesbury Boulevard and Waverley Street. There's a red light, cars start to accumulate, and people stop on the tracks. This is dangerous. Trains move quickly and stop slowly, and it's easy enough to leave a couple of cars space and stop on the other side of the tracks.

Trains Move Quicker Than They Appear
Many times when I'm out shooting trains, it looks like the train is going to take forever to reach the section of track I'm standing near. However, as it approaches you realize just how fast the train is going. In many places the VIA Rail trains are going 60+ MPH and there's not a lot of time to "beat" the train. Don't do it.

Watch Out For Two Tracks
In many places there are two (or more) tracks at a crossing. Look at the crossing sign for the "2 TRACKS" sign. There may be a stopped train on one track, and a moving train behind that that you can't see. Be very very careful on 2 track crossings.

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