Monday, July 09, 2012

Grey Cup Train

The Canadian Football League has announced that it will have a Grey Cup Train touring the country this fall. The train will start in Vancouver, BC in September and will stop at all eight CFL cities, as well as other cities like Moncton and Halifax, before ending up in Toronto in November. Clearly it will be laying over in cities! TSN says the train will have at least three cars, one carrying the Cup, a museum car, and a team car. TSN and other sites have a little computer rendering of the train, provided by the CFL:
This will probably be the first wrap of a refurbished F40... unless VIA is keeping one of the unrefurbished engines for this train.

Here's a video produced for the trip. Apologies in advance for the random zooming in and out. What's up with that?

Keep an eye on for more information. The tour is sponsored by Rona.

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