Tuesday, July 03, 2012

NBSR Oil Train With CP Power

Several New Brunswick railfans caught the NBSR unit oil train coming into New Brunswick on NB Southern Railway tracks on July 2. The great thing about this train was that it used run-through Canadian Pacific Railway power... with a great leader.

Jody Robinson was first up with these great shots of the train at McAdam.
ICE 6450 in McAdam, by Jody Robinson

The train had Iowa, Chicago and Eastern engine ICE 6450 on the head end. ICE 6450 is an SD40-2 built in September 1979 as Oneida and Western OWTX 9956. It became a BC Rail BCOL 749 and then ICE 6450, "City of Welcome". I don't know if the engine refers to Welcome, Minnesota or Welcome, North Carolina!
ICE 6450 in McAdam, by Jody Robinson
What a rare sight in New Brunswick!

Behind ICE 6450 was CP 5926 and CP 5928, two more SD40-2 engines. I've never seen CP 5926 but I did see CP 5928 once, trailing on a train through Pense, Saskatchewan back in 2008.
CP 5926 and 5928, by Jody Robinson
It sure is nice to see Canadian Pacific Railway engines in McAdam again.

The fourth engine was an MMA engine, MMA 3603, a GE C30-7 built as ATSF 8016 in 1977.
ICE 6450, CP 5926 and CP 5928 in McAdam by Jody Robinson

Now on to the videos. Gary Lee shot a handheld video of the train leaving McAdam.

Next up was Brian Barchard shooting the train through Harvey. His video combines three NBSR trains, two from June 30 and the July 2 oil train starting at 5:17.

Matt aka saintjohnrailfan shot it at Welsford at the first highway crossing. Nice wave from the engineer! I noticed that there were several doors open on the MM&A engine; maybe it was having mechanical issues.

Dave Dineen aka nbsrfan was also at Welsford and shot it there, at my favourite spot in Grand Bay, and entering the yard in Saint John. Here they all are in one video.

Great shots all around for a great train. Thanks to Jody, Gary, Brian, Matt and Dave for the photos and video. Well done.


Karl A. said...

Usually when you get ICE in NB it is not such a photoworthy item! Great catch! That engine refers to Welcome, MN. It is home to a couple nice sized customers on the old DME/ICE line.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks, Karl! I was leaning toward Welcome MN as it would be more appropriate for the ICE.

ICE in NB is usually not welcome in the summer!