Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Radio Interview

VIA's Canadian in Winnipeg
VIA's Canadian in Winnipeg
I was interviewed by CJBK radio (London, Ontario) this morning about VIA Rail. Host Mike Stubbs wanted to know my opinion on VIA Rail, where it is going and where I thought it should go. I basically said that in general I think VIA is healthy in the Ontario-Quebec Corridor but services are threatened outside that area. Of course the Ocean was cut in half, the Canadian is losing 1/3 of its trips in the winter, stations like Sackville and Amherst are becoming unmanned, and there are rumours that the Gaspé train may be reduced to coaches only.

He asked about privatization and I said I thought it would not be viable, as VIA is heavily subsidized, just like roads and airlines are. Mike also asked if I thought the European model would work in Canada and I said in general, no, because of the great difference in population density and distances.

All in all, I think it went well.

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