Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another Skunk

I often have pretty good luck with train meets. It comes from a little advance notice from signal lights or a scanner, or just dumb luck, but usually I can photograph the meet.

However, on June 28 I did not have that luck.

You may remember that I shot VIA Rail's Canadian. Afterward I waited around a bit because I knew that CN 112 was coming the other way from Diamond. I waited at one of my favourite spots near Carman Junction (here) and soon enough there were headlights visible... to the east!?

It turns out that CN 347 was following VIA 1 out of town on the south track. I watched 347 approach, and then I saw CN 112's headlights to the west. I was wondering where the meet would be, but soon it became obvious that CN 347 would reach me first and block my shot of 112. Drat!

Here's CN 5747 leading train 347.
CN 5747 in Winnipeg

Notice how bright and clean CN 5747 was... in contrast to dull-looking CN 2114 behind it. Maybe CN 5747 was repainted recently.

Just like that, they were in the way. I didn't even know what power CN 112 had until I was able to glimpse the power through some empty centerbeam flat cars. Fortunately there were a lot of empties.
CN 2320 through a flatcar

Here's the video. CN 112 shows up at about 1:40 in the video.

I guess it's true... you can't win them all.


Karl A. said...

I feel your pain, but even catching the wrong trains is better than no trains at all.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Right you are, Karl!