Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 1

On August 1 I had some good luck catching trains. I headed out to work earlier than usual in the morning so I could see if any trains came by. I went out to Diamond and parked. The first train came along at 7:23 AM, CN 302.
CN 2202 near Winnipeg

Nice light on the nose of this eastbound train.
The engineer gave me a nice two-finger wave as he passed by.
Wave from CN 2202

CN 302 was met by CN 403, which came by my location 20 minutes later. I shot them coming through the signals at Diamond. As you can see, it is challenging to shoot a westbound train early in the morning!
CN 2618 at Diamond outside Winnipeg

Note the interesting cargo on one of the flatcars. Progressive Waste Solutions owns BFI and a couple of other waste disposal companies.
Progressive Waste Solutions

The video works better than the still photo, I think.

Here's my video camera, duly recording the train going by. My scanner is on the ground under the tripod.
Video camera and train

On my way along Wilkes Avenue, I saw CCGX 5232 and CEMR 4001 parked with a short train at the end of the Carman subdivision. I'm pretty sure that train sat there idling for a whole day before it finally carried on to CEMR's yard.

Later in the day, I went home via Wilkes Avenue and I managed to catch CN 314 at Hall Road just west of the Perimeter Highway, pretty much exactly where I shot the previous train.
CN 2577 in Winnipeg

I knew CN 314 was being followed by CN 114, so I went a bit west to Diamond to get 114. I was surprised to see how much "junk" was on the head end of this supposedly intermodal train.
CN 2597 in Winnipeg

You can see I was pretty near the CP tracks crossing CN at Diamond. I didn't have time to record the entire train but I captured the "gist" of it.

What a fun day!


roldac said...

Yup, that is a cool shot of the garbage trucks on the flat car...definitely out of the ordinary. Was that train headed into the city or out.

Canadian Train Geek said...

CN 403 was westbound, so heading out of the city with the garbage trucks.