Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baseball and Trains

Baseball and trains... what a great combination.

On July 5 we went down to Shaw Park in Winnipeg to watch the Winnipeg Goldeyes play baseball. Shaw Park was formerly known as Canwest Park and is built near Winnipeg's famous Forks. The whole area is built on the former train yards, and is still near the CN Rivers subdivision main line and the VIA Rail Union Station.

We parked near the Union Station and made our way to the stadium and found our seats. We were sitting behind third base and had a great view. I think most seats in the stadium are pretty good. After a few innings, I took my kids to the bathroom and I heard a train rumbling nearby. I stepped out to the side and saw CN 2562 and CN 2098 rolling eastward onto the bascule bridge. The engineer gave a few waves and toots to everyone.
CN 2562 in Winnipeg

I heard at least one more train rumble by while we were watching the game.

Right at the end of the game, there was another train going by, so I dashed up the stairs to grab it before we headed out. Here's CN 2283 and BCOL 4607 bringing a train eastward.
CN 2283 in BCOL 4607 in Winnipeg

That was fun! On our way out, I noticed VIA 2 was sitting at the station, with VIA 6441 on the head end.

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