Sunday, August 26, 2012

Great Old Maritime Railway Slides and Photographs

Jon Archibald has posted a great deal of cool old Maritime train photographs to his Flickr stream. There are VIA Rail photos from the 1990s that Jon took himself, as well as a bunch of old slides from John McIntosh and others.

Here are a few of my favourites. First, disused VIA Rail RDCs sitting at the Halifax station. This photo is great not only for the RDCs but also for the view of the old train shed.
Disused VIA RDC's Halifax, Nova Scotia 1991.

Here's a rail removal train in Newfoundland, parked for the weekend. Jon caught the very end of the Newfoundland Railway.
CN Narrow Gauge Newfoundland, Rail-Removal Train, August 1990.

Here's CN train #6 ready to leave Sydney, Nova Scotia, in 1958, a slide by John McIntosh.
CNR #6 ready to leave for Sydney NS.

Finally, here's a 1953 shot of a Newfoundland Railway steam engine. There are a lot of Newfoundland Railway photos and slides in this stream.
CNR Newfoundland Narrow Gauge 2-8-2 Steam Locomotive 318, 1953.

Please go look at all of Jon's Flickr stream.


Graham said...

Thanks Steve. I believe the photo of CN #6 was taken at Truro ready to leave for Sydney.

Graham said...

I have a question regarding the CN Train #6 photo: Behind the large water pipe in the foreground are two smaller pipes on stands. What are these and why are they mounted so high?

Eric said...

Graham, those are fuel pipes for the diesels. They have a counterweight as part of the assembly, but the fuelling nozzle is lower.

Hope this helps,
Eric Gagnon
Kingston, Ontario

Graham said...

Yes thank you Eric!

Jon Archibald said...

Thanks Steve for the kind words.
Jon A.

Steve Abbey said...

Graham the pipes you are referring to are water hoses for the steam units. Before we topped up the tanks, we would put the contents of a few bags of anti-scale in the hoses. There were no fuel facilities at the Truro station, as the roundhouse was a mile to the east. I'd like to have a buck for every time we went from the roundhouse to the station to top up water tanks!