Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Ontar-eye-O, Part 4

Train station in Windsor Ontario
After parts one, two and three, all that is left to discuss about my southern Ontario visit is what I thought was the former CN train station on the waterfront in Windsor, Ontario and the steam engine nearby.

The building is situated near the giant Caesar's Palace monstrosity attraction in Windsor. It was on the CN riverside line until that was removed.
Train station in Windsor Ontario

There are some really nice murals on both sides of the building. I took photos of them but I won't reproduce them here because of course they are copyright by the artists.
Train station in Windsor Ontario

As far as I can tell, there were railway stations in Windsor for the Grand Trunk, Canadian Pacific, CN, Michigan Central and the Pere Marquette. This site has a great set of postcards of Windsor stations.

Also nearby is CN 5588, a 4-6-2 engine that has been preserved since the end of steam. It is owned and cared for by the Canadian Transportation Museum, an organization I had never heard of until today.
CN 5588 in Windsor Ontario

I took the shot below as a 3-frame HDR photo, because I was facing into the setting sun. What do you think - too much HDR?
CN 5588 in Windsor Ontario

That concludes my first visit to southern Ontario. I expect to be there again in a few weeks so I will likely have more photos to share. I want to visit a few defunct railway stations in the area as well as try to see the Essex Terminal Railway.

EDIT: Two commenters kindly pointed out that the building was not the CN station, but rather a storage building that the city re-roofed. Thank you!


alcadian said...

That building on the riverfront is not the original cn train station is was some kind of storage building for CN. When the city took over the land they added that nice roof..there was plans to save thr roundhouse the was right in this same location but someone burned it down...that's also what happend to the michigan central and walkerville PM/ chesipeak and ohio station..the Cp station was part of the bridge on riverside drive and still exists but the roof was taken off and it was filled with dirt

Derek said...

alcadian is right. That wasn't the train station, it was storage, or a tool shed. The actual station was much larger and at the foot of Goyeau Ave. to the west.

More info:


Canadian Train Geek said...

Thank you both for the correction!