Friday, August 24, 2012

Some Recent Canadians

Here's a few Canadians I have seen recently. Here's a challenge for you. Tell me which photos I've processed with HDR.

Let's start with July 26. I was out at Carman Junction in Winnipeg to shoot VIA 1. Here's the head end as they start to round the bend.
VIA 6411 in Winnipeg

The same train, just a few seconds later after it has mostly rounded the bend...
VIA 6411 in Winnipeg

No going away shot here as it was out of focus.

Skip ahead to August 11. This is just past Shaftesbury Boulevard, about a mile east of Carman Junction. Note how brown the grass was... we haven't had a lot of rain in August.
VIA 6416 in Winnipeg

Here's the going-away shot.
VIA Rail Canadian in Winnipeg

And the video...

And now, August 16, at St. James Junction. I was sitting in my car, reading a book, and I was so engrossed in it that I almost missed the Canadian going by!
VIA 6438 in Winnipeg

Going away.
VIA's Canadian in Winnipeg

Here's the video of the August 16 Canadian, complete with wind noise and the bang-bang sound of the wheels going over the CN-CP diamond.

Here's a bonus train, CN 786 coming into Winnipeg on July 26 with a long string of potash cars... perhaps going to Saint John?
CN 2403 leads train 786 into Winnipeg

So... what photos did I use HDR on?


roldac said...

Picture 2 and 7 are HDR.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Very good... but there's one more.

roldac said...

Oh ya, 4 also is HDR.