Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Lake Line Railroad

The new Manitoba short line, the Lake Line Railroad, has completed the purchase of a portion of the  CP Winnipeg Beach subdivision and has already begun operations.

The short line purchased the line with private funding combined with a $1.25 million grant from the province of Manitoba. The terms of the grant from the province include a provision that they must operate for 10 years or repay the grant.

They have a SW1001 engine for power, GMTX 98, that used to work the coal shuttles near Coronach, SK. Photo. Thanks to Mark Perry for the information.

It looks like they are based out of Petersfield, MB where there appears to be a siding and grain elevator.

Current customers include Diageo in Gimli, as well as Hudson Cement in Selkirk. Indications from news articles are that they operate from Selkirk to Gimli. It is not clear where they interchange with CP.

There are rumours that the Lake Line Railroad is operating the CP Lac du Bonnet subdivision too, but I see no evidence of this yet.

I have added a page to my site for the Lake Line Railroad.

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