Monday, September 17, 2012

Aerial Photos of CP Winnipeg Yard

Bryan Scott, of the great blog (and book) Winnipeg: Love It Or Hate It, posted some aerial photos of Winnipeg to his Flickr account, including this great one of the Canadian Pacific Railway yard in Winnipeg. I'd post it here but he has disabled embedding of the photo. Just follow the link - it's worth it.

The photo is looking east-south-east, with the Arlington Street bridge just visible in the bottom right of the photo and the Slaw Rebchuk bridge in the distance. The hump yard is visible on the left side. I've heard rumours that the hump yard is to be shut down or has been shut down. I haven't been there in a while so I can't verify that.

You can also find aerial photos of the yard on the Winnipeg Aerial Photos blog but the real treat is at the Winnipeg Free Press from July 2012! There are some beautiful aerial photos of the yard, including this gem:

This is viewing the yard from the other end, looking more or less west. The Slaw Rebchuk bridge is in the foreground and the CP Carberry subdivision stretches off the top of the photo.


Graham said...

Thanks Steve. Here is an aerial photo of the CP Port Coquitlam yard in case you are interested:

Eric said...

Interesting views, Steve. Thanks for sharing. It's tough to see CN's East Yard replaced by parking lots, and the Human Rights museum that looks like a giant bird covering itself with its wings. Formerly the site of some interesting stored VIA equipment that I used to like exploring while on layover in Winnipeg. Oh well, they'll live on in my second VIA book.

Fort Whyte cement plant nuzzling up to a giant IKEA!! Even the football stadium that we used to pass by while on the PDC excursion. The CP yard has lots of spare trackage/empty tracks.

Oh well, the only thing constant is change, and the photos sure reinforce that.