Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Passenger Car for the NB Southern

The New Brunswick Southern Railway is getting another passenger car. "Table car" #508 was in Moncton, New Brunswick on Saturday evening, having arrived on CN 474 from Joffre Quebec where it has been since September 26.

#508 was originally built by the Canadian Car and Foundry company for CN as a coach. It was rebuilt into a 60-seat table car and was owned by the New York Susquehanna and Western. One end has a little snack bar area and it looks like it would be perfect for serving snacks on a little excursion.

I found this listing showing the car was listed for $33,300 and was sold. Judging by the photo of the shiny car, it seems to have weathered quite a bit before being sold again by Ozark Mountain Railcar to NB Southern.

This album (by Ozark Mountain Railcar, apparently) has some very detailed photos of #508. Here are a few samples.
Ex NYS&W #508

interior of #508

Thanks to Ron Pelletier, JP Veilleux and Mike R for the sightings, and to Steve Hunter for the detailed information on #508.

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