Thursday, September 27, 2012

BNSF Tenant Raising Concerns

Tanks in the BNSF Yard in Winnipeg

Some residents of Winnipeg are concerned about eight new storage tanks that sprung up in the BNSF Manitoba yard. According to this article, "property owners were given no notice" that these tanks would be built. The article goes on to say that a city councillor has asked various departments in the city to investigate to see if any zoning bylaws were violated, although the article says that railways are federally regulated. Of course the article also claims that "rail corridors are located on Crown land", which is patently false.

I had a look at them last week and took these photos. I would say they probably should have been painted before being erected, but they are not a huge eyesore in my opinion and they are not so large that they dominate the neighbourhood. Have a look at this shot of the BNSF yard, with the engine house at the left and the tanks on the right.
BNSF yard in Winnipeg

The tanks were erected by Fort Distributors, a shipper leasing space in the BNSF yard. It looks like the company sells road de-icing chemicals as well as magnesium chloride for dust control.

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