Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Grenfell, Saskatchewan

Grain elevator in Grenfell Saskatchewan
I had always wanted to photograph the elevator in Grenfell, Saskatchewan, and last month I was able to do so. I arranged to stop there on our way to Regina and I spent about 10 minutes photographing the rail area.

Grain elevator in Grenfell Saskatchewan

The elevator is quite a handsome structure, with fresh paint and it is obviously well maintained.
Grenfell grain elevator

At one point there was a Saskatchewan Pool elevator in Grenfell, but it has been replaced by a concrete Viterrra structure outside town.
Grain elevator in Grenfell Saskatchewan

Here's another view of the Viterra structure, taken from the highway a few days later.
Qu'Appelle Valley grain elevator in Grenfell Saskatchewan

Check out this cool postcard I found at the Saskatchewan Archival Information Network site, showing at least six elevators in Grenfell.

Oh, when I was in Grenfell I saw two CP SD40-2 engines idling away, coupled up to a spreader. I guess they were part of a work train but there was noone in sight.
CP 5912 and 5927 in Grenfell SK

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Eric said...

Hi Steve,

That would have been SaskPool's Grenfell 'C' elevator, clad in nice aluminum with the Pool logo. Interestingly, I snapped a photo of it and the Paterson elevator from my roomette window westbound on No 1 in May 1986!