Sunday, September 02, 2012

Grey Cup Engine Wrapped

VIA 6445 Grey Cup Engine

A few pictures have emerged of the engine slated to lead the Grey Cup train. The above shot was at an unveiling event. That's the CFL commissioner, Mark Cohon, with the microphone.

The engine is VIA 6445, newly refurbished and now wrapped for the Grey Cup train. You may remember VIA 6445 was the lead engine for last summer's Coors Light train. This is the first wrap of a refurbished VIA engine.

Here's a photo of the complete 4-car train train from the Grey Cup tour.
Owly Images

Follow this link to see other photos of the train, such as this showing the baggage car. All four cars are decorated. I understand the first and last cars are VIA cars and the middle two are CP cars from their heritage fleet.
Owly Images

There's a beautiful photo of VIA 6445 at that I cannot show you because of their inane no-embedding policy.

The consist headed out of Toronto on the Canadian on Thursday August 30, with VIA 6445 behind the two Canadian engines and the four cars behind the Park car. Manny Jacob did an excellent job photographing them at Portage la Prairie and also at Kearns where VIA 1 was stopped to wait for a CN freight train. Check his story out here.

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