Saturday, September 08, 2012

Just a little meet

On June 21 I witnessed a little meet between a CN train and the VIA Rail Canadian. I was out on the CN Rivers subdivision around mile 7 or so. First came VIA on the south track with VIA 6449 leading.
VIA 6449 and the Canadian in Winnipeg

That's the HDR version. Below is the non-HDR version. I was using a circular polarizer to make the sky nice and blue.
VIA 6449 non-HDR in Winnipeg

Lovely sky and light on that day!
VIA's Canadian in Winnipeg

They met the CN train down the track from me. I did shoot it but it was too far to get a decent photo of the meet. Soon enough CN 5736, CN 2152 and CN 2343 passed my position.
CN 5736 in Winnipeg

CN 2152 was the second unit... shot because it's "new" to CN.

Just a little meet...

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Blair Ivey said...

Hi Steve,

I like the way your photo's 'pop'. I recently bought a DSLR and I have a polarizing filter: I would appreciate a post on taking good train photos with this setup.