Tuesday, September 04, 2012

So Many Photos, So Little Time

I'm so far behind in cataloguing my train photos. I've been busy on a bunch of other (non-train) stuff and yet I keep taking train photos, so my virtual "to be filed" stack gets larger and larger. I know, I know, it's not a bad situation to be in... so here is a dump of some photos I've taken recently, without much commentary.

On July 31, I shot an eastbound intermodal at Diamond in the late afternoon. CN 2248 was the sole engine on the head end and CN 2338 was farther back in the train.
CN 2248 in Winnipeg

CN 2338 in Winnipeg

On August 14, two SD60s brought CN 781 west out of Winnipeg. CN 5548 was the lead engine, followed by CN 5516. I quite like how this one turned out.
CN 5548 in Winnipeg

On August 21, I took the kids for a drive because we were all bored. We ended up in and around Transcona and saw a few trains. First, we saw BCOL 4607 sitting by itself in the CN Transcona yard. I don't know whether it was dropped by a train or was left as additional power for a soon-to-arrive train, but it was all alone.
Ex BC Rail 4607 in Transcona

I drove up to CEMR's yard to see what was up. On the way I saw CEMR 4002 pushing a set of tank cars back toward their yard. Technically CEMR was on the Pine Falls subdivision, so that was the first time I'd seen a train there.
CEMR 4002 in Winnipeg

In behind CEMR's shop, the hulk of CCGX 4010 is being slowly stripped. Here it is, clearly showing half of the 16 cylinder holes.
CCGX 4010

CCGX 4010's hood lay on the ground nearby.
CCGX 4010

Finally, we have CN 199 heading out of Winnipeg on August 23. First, here it is just west of Carman Junction with CN 8874 leading.
CN 8874 in Winnipeg

Ex BC Rail unit BCOL 4601 was trailing. Note the shiny clean section on 4601... wonder why?
BCOL 4601 in Winnipeg

I got ahead of them and shot them approaching Diamond. I decided to do a bit of a pan shot for this one.
CN 8874 in Winnipeg

I shot some video of 199 here.

As a little extra, here are some crossing gates at sunrise. This was shot just south of the floodway on the CP Emerson subdivision.
Crossing gates at sunrise

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