Thursday, October 11, 2012

Grey Cup Train Update

Grey Cup Tour
The eastern railfans have been reporting on the Grey Cup Train as it made its way to Halifax.

October 7: It is believed that the train was tacked onto the end of Sunday's VIA 2 (Canadian) as it left Winnipeg.
October 9: VIA #2 (Canadian) arrived in Toronto in the afternoon with the Grey Cup Train.
October 11: VIA #14 (Ocean) left Charny, Quebec just after midnight with the Ocean, Chaleur (VIA 16) and Grey Cup train consists. The entire Grey Cup Train was at the end of the combined VIA 14/VIA 16 consist, so the train had 3 F40PH-2 engines, 6 Budd cars (VIA 16), 13 Renaissance cars (VIA 14), VIA 6445, and the 6 Grey Cup cars. Quite a long passenger train for the Maritimes!
October 11: VIA #14 (Ocean) left Campbellton, NB at about 10 AM with the Grey Cup train on the end.
October 11: VIA #14 (Ocean) left Moncton, NB at about 3:40 PM with VIA 6436 and VIA 6432 on the head end, to meet VIA #15 at Evans.

Here are the next few public train viewing dates. Go to for more details.

  • October 13: Train at Halifax VIA Rail station (1161 Hollis Street).
  • October 14: Train at Moncton VIA Rail station (1240 Main Street).
  • October 17: Train at Quebec City VIA Rail station (450 rue de la Gare du Palais).

The original plan was for the Grey Cup train to leave Halifax on Sunday, October 14th at 05:15 as VIA #3, to be at the VIA Rail station in Moncton for the 11 AM opening. It may end up departing on Saturday night instead.

Thanks to everyone in Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia for their excellent reporting.

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