Sunday, October 21, 2012

More Southern Ontario Grain Elevators

On my last visit to southern Ontario, I made a point of shooting a few grain elevators in the area.
First up were a pair of sites that used to be on the CN Leamington spur. This was a track that ran from Comber on the CASO subdivision south to the city of Leamington. It was pulled up about a decade ago but it is still pretty obvious where the track went. Here are more details on the former CN Leamington spur.

Here is Staples, Ontario, site of a largish complex owned by Cargill. The right-of-way (ROW) used to run on the left side of the elevator shown here. The photo is basically facing north.
Grain elevator in Staples Ontario

Here's a side view of the same complex at Staples.
Grain elevator in Staples Ontario

A few miles south on the former CN Leamington spur is this elevator in Blytheswood, Ontario. Unlike the Cargill one above, this one does not look like it is in use for much of anything.
Blytheswood Ontario grain elevator

This is the elevator complex in Wheatley, Ontario. Wheatley used to be on the former CSX Blenheim subdivision that ran between Walkerville (Windsor) and Chatham. I understand it was removed by 2005.
Wheatley Ontario

Here's a quick peek at a complex in Chatham, Ontario. I didn't have enough time to take a great photo of it. It is off the CN Chatham subdivision.
Grain elevator in Chatham Ontario


Unknown said...

You'll have to find an excuse for shooting the Caplan elevator

Canadian Train Geek said...

To be honest, Taylor, I don't know why I never shot the elevator at Caplan! I guess I was too focused on shooting the Chaleur and not enough on shooting the trackside structures. :)

Unknown said...

I havent either, but I'd like to do it next trip. Funny it's not listed in the timetable cause its always been there...