Friday, October 26, 2012

VIA Cuts Happening

Empty VIA Rail seats
This is a sad day in VIA Rail's history. Friday marked the last day* of almost-daily service of the Ocean to the Maritimes, and today will be the last Saturday Canadian passing through Winnipeg until next May.

Earlier this week, the last runs of VIA 86 and VIA 89 (London-Toronto) and VIA 90 and VIA 95 (Niagara Falls-Toronto) took place. The only passenger trains through Niagara Falls now are the daily Amtrak Maple Leaf trains.

The cuts are happening.

Want to do something about it? Write your MPs, your MLAs, your mayors, write the paper, speak up. At the very least, join National Dream Renewed or Save Our Trains in Northern NB on Facebook. Join Transport Action Atlantic or the national Transport Action (former Transport 2000) and support their efforts.

At least the Maritimes is finally getting a regional bus service back. Of course, the Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe area has been without bus service for almost 4 months now because the drivers are locked out.

Public transit is in serious trouble in Canada and especially in the Maritimes. It's time to speak out. It's time to use it... or lose it.

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