Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Here's a couple more VIA trains... and then maybe I should write about something else. Is there such a thing as VIAfatigue?

When I went to see the Grey Cup train in Winnipeg, the Canadian was sitting there in the station as well. Soon it would continue its journey westward as VIA 1. The head end was poking out of the train shed with VIA 6456 and VIA 6429 on the point. Note the Fort Garry hotel on the left. It's very nice that there is still a metal staircase (from the Forks ground level below) provided for railfans like me to climb up and take shots from the legal side of the fence. I'm sure the staircase is there for another reason but I'm happy to use it.
VIA's Canadian at the Union Station in Winnipeg

When we were inside the train shed waiting to board the Grey Cup train, I stole a few photos of the Canadian.
VIA's Canadian inside the Union Station in Winnipeg

I was surprised to see that Chateau Bienville was sitting by itself on the back track. I don't know if it was a defective car dropped from the Canadian or some kind of spare kept there. I wouldn't think the latter, as the spares would normally be kept at the Winnipeg Maintenance Centre.
Chateau Bienville in Winnipeg

Here's the Canadian leaving, with Banff Park on the rear.
Banff Park leaving the station in Winnipeg

A few days later, I caught the Canadian heading out of town on October 11. There were still some fall colours in the trees but they were definitely fading. Here VIA 1 is just rolling through the Shaftesbury Boulevard crossing.
VIA 6405 in Winnipeg

A closer view of VIA 6405.
VIA 6405 in Winnipeg

ReveLstoKe ParK was bringing up the rear, with its weird lettering.
Revelstoke Park

Off they go on the south track.
VIA Rail Canadian

They were going slow enough for me to get ahead of them just after the mile 10 hotbox detector and take this video. Listen to the end for the hotbox message.

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