Tuesday, November 20, 2012

HLCX 6319 Repainted

Kevin Smith sent me this beautiful photo of repainted HLCX 6319 and sisters in Mattawamkeag, Maine.
HLCX 6319 in Mattawamkeag, Maine. Photo by Kevin Smith

Note the Canadian flag on the side of the short hood and the American flag a little higher up on the short hood.

You can see it was repainted on November 3 in this McAdam video by Gary Lee.

HLCX 6319 was in those atrocious red and blue Helm colours.

Dave Dineen caught it returning from Island Yard in fresh paint last month. Note the decals had not even been applied yet. If you're impatient, fast forward to 2:45 or so in the video.

Thanks, guys!

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