Monday, November 12, 2012

Passenger Power in Calgary

I'm finally finishing up my Calgary trip from last month. You may recall I looked at Alyth Yard on October 28. After that, I decided to see if anything was left in Ogden Yard. Ogden has been closed down after 100 years of operation.

There are a few engines still around, for example CP 1400 and CP 9000.
CP 1400 in Calgary

CP 1400 was retired in February 2012 and has been cannibalized for parts.

This is the first "red barn" (SD40-2F) that I have seen with the "dual flags" CP Rail logo on it.
CP 9000 in Calgary

After taking inventory of the few engines in Ogden, I noticed CP 8854 rolling past. You may recall it had just come off the Red Deer subdivision. I guess they ran right through Alyth Yard and were heading out on the Brooks subdivision. I barely got ahead of them and caught this "from the car" shot at a crossing.
CP 8854 leaving Calgary

I then headed up to CN's Sarcee yard. There I saw CN 1409, CN 7078 and GTW 5945 rolling past the gas station there. Note the operator riding the point of CN 1409. Love those GMD1s!
CN 1409 in Calgary, AB

Here's GTW 5945. I'm told these are actually GTW units, not owned by Alstom, despite what it says on the engine.
GTW 5945 in Calgary, Alberta

That was certainly fun. I went back toward Alyth, but while passing Ogden Yard, I saw this.
CP 1601 in Calgary, AB

CP 1601 was putting the heritage engines (CP 4107 / CP 1900 / CP 4106) away. Jeff Keddy and I saw them the previous day in Alyth, and I guess they were being moved.

After the crew uncoupled, CP 1601 (and CP 1527) rolled away and left the engines there.
CP 1601 and 4107 in Calgary, AB

Sweet heritage units.
CP 4107 in Calgary

CP 1539 was also around. Note the two cabooses and I think CP 8217 on the far right.
CP 1539 in Calgary, AB

Here's CP 1527 going back onto the main line.
CP 1527 in Calgary Alberta

I was running out of time, but I ventured back to CN's Sarceee Yard just in time to see a train coming off the  CN Three Hills subdivision. I paused to capture CN 5677 and CN 8938 bringing the train in.
CN 5677 in Calgary

I would say it was a very productive morning of railfanning in Calgary!


Eric said...

Nice posts and nice trains, Steve. I knew that bridge looked familiar. Twenty-five years ago:

or fifth photo in this post:

The rail diverging north looks a little more accordion-like, and you'll notice the Geep in my photo is only one number away from the one in your photo.

Small (train) world.

GP9Rm4108 said...

The grey GTW 5900's were built as straight CN SD40's. CN sold the units and have had many years of life on KCS. They were rebuilt and are now SD40-3's.

When Alstom owned them, CN eventually regained them and leased them. They added them to the GTW 5900 series with the numbers starting where the REAL GTW 5900's ended.

I believe the lease ended and CN put them in storage. I could be wrong but I don't think they re leased them. If you ever come across whether they are still leased or outright owned by CN let me know.