Saturday, November 24, 2012

VIA 16 (Chaleur) Cab Ride Video

André Berthelot sent me this super cab ride video he shot back in January 2011 aboard the Chaleur (VIA 16) between Matapedia and New Carlisle, Quebec. It's long but well worth a view.
He saw quite a few deer, but the highlight is at 6:50 when about five deer run down the track before finally scattering.

The train was going at a good clip for most of the video, apparently about 45 MPH.

Other highlights:
  • 09:00 Passing the lumber mill at Nouvelle
  • 14:00 Good footage of the engineer hitting the reset button to show he's still awake and in control
  • 18:45 Crossing the bridges at Cascapedia
  • 22:30 New Richmond station stop
  • 25:50 Under the highway at Caplan
  • 29:15 Bonaventure station stop
  • 30:00 New Carlisle yard and station stop
You may remember that André posted a cab ride video before.

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