Friday, January 11, 2013

McCully Aerial Photos From 1931

Check out these amazing aerial photos of Nova Scotia from 1931. The Nova Scotia Archives holds the Richard McCully Aerial Photograph Collection. These photographs were mostly taken by Harold Reid, owner of Reid's Picture and Equipment Ltd., and the plane was flown by Marty Fraser, an ex-RCMP officer and military pilot.

The photographs are fantastic - the detail is incredible for 1931! The best part about this display is that you can zoom into the photographs to see details.

The Archives acquired the 221 glass negatives in the spring of 2012. The negatives were printed and scanned and they look fantastic.

Here's the Truro yard and roundhouse. I can see 4 steam engines, various rolling stock (mostly boxcars), and quite a collection of passenger equipment in the yard.

Here's the Halifax grain elevators area. Lots of outside-braced boxcars are visible. Just to the left of the centre of the photograph are an old passenger car and an outside-braced wooden caboose!

In this photo of the Yarmouth Cotton Mills you can see a yard with some passenger cars, and just to the right is a roundhouse.

There are some nice photos of Amherst, including this one of the Enamel Heating Plant with the train station in the background.

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