Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Update on Potential VIA Rail Strike

Tremblant Park in Winnipeg
VIA Rail has posted a detailed notice about the looming (potential) strike. VIA plans to run its trains at a reduced frequency and only with Economy class.

A quick summary:
  • Corridor (Quebec-Windsor) trains to run twice daily each way (one morning, one evening, each direction) for the most part
  • Some trains to run once daily (Toronto to Sarnia, London, Niagara Falls, Kingston)
  • The following regional trains to run once a week each way, departing Montréal on Friday, other end on Sunday:
    • The Ocean
    • The Chaleur Montréal-Gaspé train
    • The Montréal-Jonquière train
    • The Montréal-Senneterre train
  • The Canadian to depart Toronto on Tuesdays and depart Vancouver on Fridays (departing Winnipeg on Thursdays and Sundays respectively)
  • The Hudson Bay Winnipeg-Churchill train to depart Winnipeg on Tuesdays and Churchill on Thursdays.
The Sunbury-White River train will continue to operate as normal, because it is operated by Canadian Pacific crews.

Note that there would be no sleepers and no diners. The cars may or may not be on the train but they will not be in service. Limited snacks would be available in trains with Skyline cars.

Tickets will have to be purchased online only and only a few stations will be staffed.

Let's hope it doesn't come to this! (although the railfan in me would like to see a Canadian without sleepers)

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