Thursday, June 13, 2013

VIA Rail Strike Imminent

VIA 6419 in Winnipeg
It seems that the strike is going to go ahead, barring some last-minute negotiations. The Canadian Auto Workers union issued this release at 08:30 Eastern this morning and VIA responded shortly afterward. It seems they are far apart.

The strike is set to begin at 12:01 AM (time zone not specified). At that point management will run a reduced set of trains and services as I previously said.

I sure hope that they can come to an agreement quickly. I believe VIA Rail is endangered in this country and the strike will not help. I do not think that many people are going to be sympathetic to the union but time will tell. I'll gaze into my crystal ball and predict back to work legislation will be implemented within 7 days.

News articles: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

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