Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Spiritual Moment

This summer we drove from Winnipeg to Banff to spend a week in the Rockies. We stopped in the Regina area going west and going east, and I took the opportunity to go see some trains while we were there. This post is from July 14. We were staying near Pense, SK about halfway between Regina and Moose Jaw.

I set my alarm for "bright and early" because I wanted to maximize my time before I had to be back for other activities during the day. I stepped outside just after sunrise and the combination of the fog and the sun on the horizon made me get my camera out and start shooting before I even left the driveway. This is my favourite of the shots.
Not bad, eh? If you like it, you can buy a print.

I decided I wanted to shoot the grain elevators at Mortlach and Parkbeg, west of Moose Jaw, so I headed out on the Trans-Canada. At Belle Plaine one can sometimes see a train waiting for a meet, and sure enough there was CP 9719 and CP 5959 waiting in the fog.
CP 9719 at Belle Plaine Saskatchewan

I didn't hang around. I carried on past Moose Jaw, pausing to photograph this modern Cargill grain elevator just west of the city. The canola was in fine form this year.
Cargill grain elevator, Moose Jaw

After some more driving, I arrived in the small town of Mortlach. As Prairie towns go, it was quite nice, with two intersecting main streets and a few local businesses in the town.

I found what I was looking for, the Paterson grain elevator. Unfortunately I missed the Saskatchewan Pool elevator, which was demolished in September 2011.

The elevator had a few beat-up gondolas beside it.
The grain elevator at Mortlach Manitoba

I found a big puddle from the rain the night before to use for a reflection. I took a number of photos and after about 10 minutes, I heard a horn in the distance. Soon CP 8773 East came rolling through.
CP 8773 in Mortlach

Canadian Tire on the move...
Canadian Tire on the Move

The mid-train engine was CP 8778.
CP 8778 in Mortlach

I have to share. That was a transcendent moment for me. Everything just lined up so nicely and I was so pleased with the photographs. I'm not a religious person but that was... spiritual.

Oh, here's the video.
All right. After that, I decided to keep heading west to Parkbeg to shoot the elevator there... read on!


Karl A. said...

What awesome shots, every one of them has "Wow" factor!

Eric said...

Thanks for sharing these, Steve. It was almost as good as being there in a sunlit prairie morning!


Michael said...

A grain elevator, summer greenery on the prairies, perfect lighting and a relection off the water. I'd say you landed some perfect shots.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks for the very kind comments, Karl, Eric and Michael!