Sunday, September 22, 2013

Shoot It While You Can

In a recent post I mentioned I was at Mortlach, SK on July 14 and shot a train there. Afterward, I decided to head to nearby Parkbeg to photograph the elevator there...

This is what I saw:
The elevator was gone! I was shocked. I had driven by this elevator quite a few times over the years, and even stopped there once, but I had never photographed it. Now I can't.

Here's a Google Street View from just about the same spot showing where the elevator was.

It just goes to show you - shoot it while you can.

Here's a nice photo of the former Parkbeg elevator I found on Flickr.
SKSW11h00 Parkbeg Grain Elevator with Moon, Saskatchewan
Photo by Gregory Melle.

Here's a video of the demolition, uploaded on September 6, 2011.

Another grain elevator came down on September 4, near Winnipeg. It was the Paterson elevator at Marquette on the CP Carberry subdivision. Fortunately I did photograph this one.

John over at the CP Rail Manitoba and Minnesota Subdivision blog wrote a great post on the demolition, complete with photos of the demolition.

I've been photographing a bunch of elevators but there are so many more to see!

After this disappointment, I returned to Mortlach for more trains.


brux said...

I grew up in Manitoba and a town wasn't a town without its 'elevators' (and lose of rail lines too). I knew the CN Rossburn line the best, then Brandon. But I visited Dauphin and the towns to the west, and the CP line through Minnedosa. When I return to these towns now, something just seems missing.

Canadian Train Geek said...

I'm sure they have changed a lot since your childhood. When I visit these towns now to photograph the remaining elevators, they seem quiet and at least half empty. Sad.