Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Few Hours Around Grand Forks

My family traveled to Grand Forks, North Dakota a couple of weekends ago for a little shopping and to get away for a bit. As we approached the border crossing at Emerson, Manitoba, I saw a CN train at the Letellier grain elevator with a big engine (Dash-9?) and a GP38 for power. Just north of the border was another train with a single BNSF engine on it. BNSF has started running its power straight through into Manitoba on occasion.. more on that in another post.

On the morning of February 16, I went out for a couple of hours of railfanning. I went to the yard first to see what was around. On the west end, orange remote control engine BNSF 1730 was working the yard while green BNSF 2921 (GP39E) and 2082 (GP38-2) idled patiently.
BNSF 2921 and BNSF 2082 in Grand Forks

I saw a train rolling east through the yard up to the shop. It had BNSF 4163 (C44-9W), BNSF 7499 (ES44DC), BNSF 1531 (GP28M), and old friend BNSF 3028 (GP40E) as the fourth engine.
BNSF 4163 in Grand Forks
BNSF 7499 in Grand Forks
BNSF 1531
BNSF 3028 in Grand Forks
BNSF 3028 was a familiar sight in Winnipeg for quite a while, as the BNSF Manitoba power.

Over by the turntable, three engines were arrayed quite nicely for viewing from the sidewalk. BNSF 3195 (GP50), BNSF 8168 (SD60M), and BNSF 1885 (SD40-2) provided a nice variety.
BNSF 3195, 8168 and 1885 in Grand Forks

After surveying the yard, I headed back west to the Amtrak station and saw a grain train disappearing down the line toward Fargo, and headlights to the west... what to do, what to do. I decided to go shoot the eastbound train. BNSF 962 was on the point.
BNSF 962 approaching Grand Forks

They were poking along so it was easy to shoot them twice.
A BNSF train approaches Grand Forks

Right after that, I headed down I-29 to try to catch up to the southbound freight train.Mile after mile went by and I finally caught sight of the tail end near Buxton and they went under the I-29 overpass just before I reached it. Too bad - that would have been a nice spot. I carried on to Mayville but I wasn't far enough ahead to take the exit, so I carried on to Hillsboro. I exited there and drove straight to the grain elevator to set up the shot. Soon enough BNSF 949 (in Santa Fe livery!) and NS 8140 came through this pretty little town.
BNSF 949 in Hillsboro

Love those thoroughbred engines!
Norfolk Southern 8140 in Hillsboro

I took a few more photos of the grain elevators in town, as well as caboose BN 11711 on display, then headed back north on I-29 toward Grand Forks. I saw a train coming south and it was the same train I saw approaching Grand Forks! Here it is again... BNSF 962, BNSF 9850 and BNSF 2284 were the power.
BNSF 962 approaching Hillsboro North Dakota

I always enjoy railfanning in North Dakota.


Karl A. said...

Beautiful shots of a nice variety Steve! You got a few of my favorites up there, I do love the BNSF GP28Ms!

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks, Karl!

Michael said...

Great shots of old Burlington Northern units and some vintage Santa Fe silver and red. Great catches. That's the type of colour I wish I could shoot here.