Friday, September 05, 2014

A Grain Elevator Loop, Part 2

Back in April 2014 I went on a little "loop" to photograph some new-to-me grain elevators. I wrote about the first half here and now I'll complete the story.

But first, I'll show you the route I took.
3 hours... plus picture taking time!
I couldn't put Culross or Barnsley on there as Google Maps has a limit on the number of waypoints, alas.

After we visited Graysville, we doubled back through Carman and headed down to the 23. At the intersection of 3 and 23 stands the Jordan grain elevator.

This is part of a Delmar Commodities complex including a soybean crushing facility.

Highway 23 basically parallels the former CN Miami subdivision, and the roadbed was plainly visible in many places. I guess it has only been about 7 years since the Southern Manitoba Railway abandoned it.

The next elevator was at Kane, Manitoba.
The Spirit Lives On

Kane had two grain elevators (Paterson and UGG) for quite some time. The UGG elevator was demolished in 1996.
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It looks like there are two elevators stuck together, and I guess in some ways that's true. The more weathered elevator was built in 1947. In 1981, major work was done and the silver portion was added, as the second-last wooden grain elevator to be built in Manitoba (Culross was the last).

A few miles down the road is Lowe Farm.
Elevator plus annex

This is clearly a former Manitoba Pool grain elevator.
Drive here
After visited Lowe Farm, we carried on east to Morris (detail on Morris here). Here we found the current end of the CN Miami subdivision, such as it is.
I was expecting just a pile of dirt!

I also spotted another semaphore in Morris, this time on the north end of town on the CP side. Sorry for the poor composition but I couldn't figure out a way to get closer without trespassing.
An old relic

That was the end of our grain elevator loop... we returned to Winnipeg on highway 75 to make cookies in the afternoon. :)



bmillier said...

Enjoyed both parts of this trip. Thank you Steve

Angela said...

I old one of my friends about your quest to photograph Manitoba grain elevators and she suggeted you document Saskatchewan's - they're a dying breed.