Friday, September 26, 2014

Book Review: Westbound by Mike Chandler

Review: Westbound: A Portfolio of Western Railroading by Mike Chandler.

I stumbled across this book last week in a used book store. The cover grabbed my attention with VIA's train at Morant's Curve. I flipped through it briefly and bought it within minutes.

As the author, Mike Chandler, says in the foreword, the book is "with minimal text". This is mostly a picture book. The pictures are excellent - lots of "behind the scenes" photos from the author's long career with CN.

I really like how the book is organized. It has the following sections:

  • Off the Main
  • Across the Flatlands
  • At the Depot
  • On the Shop Track
  • Through the Mountains
  • Against the Elements
  • In the Yard
  • Along the Line

The majority of the photos were taken in Canada, but there are a few American photos as well. The photography is excellent and varied - from panoramic shots like the cover to close-up "Greg McDonnell" style photos (and I say that as a compliment).

If I'm not mistaken, this Master Model Railroader is Mike Chandler.

I highly recommend this book. Westbound: A Portfolio of Western Railroading (Amazon affiliate link).

Note that you can buy the book directly from the publisher at: Bonaventure Press, 1101-720 Hamilton Street, New Westminster, B.C., Canada V3M 7A6.The purchase price of $39.95 is all inclusive.Thanks to the author for this information.

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Mike Chandler said...


I'm Mike Chandler, the author of Westbound.

Westbound is still available. New copies may be purchased directly from Bonaventure Press at 1101-720 Hamilton Street New Westminster, B.C., Canada V3M 7A6.

The purchase price of $39.95 is all inclusive.