Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Negotiations and Love Songs

It's a great album.

We had a little family trip to Saskatchewan back at the end of August / beginning of September, 2012. I negotiated a few hours of railfanning on the morning of September 2, so I hit the road at sunrise to get as much railfanning as I could in before my time was up. The sunrise was so awesome that I didn't even reach the end of the driveway before I started taking pictures.

Anyway, I finally did get moving. We were staying in Pense, SK just west of Regina.
Pense, SK
After photographing the grain elevator (again), I decided to head west to Moose Jaw and see what was up in the yard. I didn't see anything moving on the line and I started circling the yard, shooting as I went.

There was the usual collection of SD40-2s, AC4400CWs, and so forth, as well as long-time resident SW1200 CP 1251.
CP 1251 in Moose Jaw, SK

You can view all the engines I saw in Moose Jaw here.

On the west side of the shop buildings, CP 1536 and CP 1554 were shunting some tank cars whilst a CP freight was sitting in the yard.
CP 1536 in Moose Jaw

There was quite a collection of locomotives parked on the west side of the shops. I believe this is where locomotives go to die... or at least wait for repair.

I photographed this odd Viterra elevator in Moose Jaw. I assume the giant concrete structure was built after the wooden annex but I really don't know.

I left the immediate downtown area and started spiraling out, in search of elevators and anything else I hadn't photographed before. I found this Viterra concrete monstrosity west of town.

I found a place where a CP line crosses over CN.

The crossing is mile 42.02 on the CN Central Butte subdivision.

Note the Cargill grain elevator in the distance. That's where the CN line goes, and ends. The CP line is the CP Outlook subdivision.

I started to head back to Pense after that. I had a bit of time and remembered that the Canadian Trackside Guide mentioned a caboose at Pasqua, so I took the time to stop there. Pasqua is where the CP Weyburn subdivision diverges from the CP Indian Head subdivision and heads southeast to the US border.

I found the caboose easily enough - together with a decrepit train station.

I'd say the caboose was in better shape than the station appeared to be. The station is not original to Pasqua but was moved there quite a few years ago.

The caboose is clearly ex-CN as the "wet noodle" is visible under the cupola.

There was another caboose in Pasqua... a maintenance-of-way crummy.
CP 434646 and cars were parked on the beginning of the Weyburn subdivision.

PS - Here's quite a few photos of the near ghost town of Pasqua, by Mike Stobbs.


Karl A. said...

That sure was a lot of leasers in the yard, with the big power shortage I wonder why those aren't out on the road right now.

That Viterra elevator is massive! I looked it up and it can hold 156,000 metric tons of grain. Yowsa.

Steve, on a side note, I got my new calendar and it is beautiful, nice work!

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Karl, thanks so much for the feedback on the calendar! I'm glad you like it. If you have time, would you mind going to and leaving a review?

This was the summer of 2012 so I'm guessing CP had a power glut at that time. They sure don't now, do they?

Frank Korvemaker said...


For your information the CNR Station at Pasqua was moved there from Truax in 1976. I took several photos of the station leaving Truax. Considering that it has stood vacant at Pasqua for 40 years, and at least 5-10 years earlier at Truax, that has to say something about how well-built that station was.

Frank Korvemaker;

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Frank, thanks for the details on the former Truax station. I saw a photo of the station taken recently and it looks pretty much the same!