Monday, November 03, 2014

The Mailing List

NBSR 9801 at Hoyt, NB 2007/08/04
As I mentioned in the results of the recent survey, many of you would like to subscribe to an email list to be notified of new posts for this blog, as well as occasional notifications of other content that I've uploaded.

The subscription page is here.

If you have trouble signing up that way, you can just email me directly at and I will add you.

Please note that I will not be adding anyone to the list before they ask, even if you have corresponded with me in the past. That's against Canadian law and also just bad manners. The two ways you will get added to the list are if you subscribe yourself, or email me at the address above and ask to be added.

Thanks for subscribing! And please do not feel you must subscribe to the list.. it's totally optional. I may send out occasional content that is only available to list members but the majority of my work will continue to be public.

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