Saturday, May 23, 2015

Post #2500

It's hard to believe it, but this is my 2500th post here on Confessions of a Train Geek.

From my first post on July 9, 2005 to now, a lot of writing. I think this is the longest running train blog in the world. I could be wrong.

You can see from the number of posts per year in the list to the right that I used to post like crazy. It was only in 2012 that my pace slowed. I think that was coincident with my involvement with Google+ and writing there. I like to tell stories but I have a limited amount of time to write, and an apparently finite amount of stuff to write about, and G+ got the bulk of it.

I'm spread a bit thin between this blog, social networks, email and projects like my Chaleur video and the NB Southern eBook I'm working on. I don't think I'll ever get back to posting an average of once/day but I think I've settled into a decent pace. Like the inestimable Eric Gagnon over at Trackside Treasure, I'm aiming more for quality than quantity in my posting these days.

2002 volunteering for the Salem & Hillsborough RR

I don't know what your favourite blog posts have been, but here are a few of mine off the top of my head.

2006 in McAdam

It's been a good run so far.

I still have a lot to write about. What really keeps me going is seeing that people actually read this, and I love getting comments to show that people have read my post and spare a minute or two of their time to comment. I've been trying to comment on others' blogs for a while now, to show that they are being read and appreciated. Thank you for reading, and if you keep coming back, I'll keep writing.

May 2015, Kamloops


Chris BIGDoer Doering said...

I knew you posted a lot but that number is mind blowing. You're a machine! Great stuff I come back here often.

One Man Committee said...

Congratulations on an impressive milestone!

Michael said...

Wow, that is likely an unbreakable record, like the baseball ironman record or Gretzky's 92 goals in a season. I'm glad I stumbled across this blog a few years back. Consider, also, your impact this way: You were partly responsible for me starting to blog. I wonder how many others took up the craft after reading this. Congrats!

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks, Chris! I read your blog often too - you sure get around and find some interesting things to write about.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks, OMC! :)

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thank you, Michael! That might be the only time I'm ever mentioned alongside Gretzky!

I'm humbled to be partly responsible for you starting to blog. I really enjoy the Beachburg Sub - it's neat to read about different parts of Canada, especially parts I've never railfanned.

Eric said...

Nice milestone, Steve. Glad to COATG has not become a millstone! Keep up the great work!

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks, Eric! Not a millstone yet :)

grumbeast said...

Hi Steve,

I only get to catchup on your blog once in a while but it's great to have a slice of Canadian Railroad action now I've moved back to the UK

Besides , what's not to love about Railfan photos! I get to railfan vicariously through you so thanks

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks, grumbeast :)