Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fantastic Compilation Video

There was a railway Slide Night this past Tuesday at the University of Manitoba, organized by Mark Perry and Jeff Keddy. There were some great presentations by Mark, Jeff, Steve from the Winnipeg Streetcar 356 group, and Isaac R. I was super impressed by this compilation video from Jack Hykaway. This video could easily be on a DVD for sale - the narration is great, the video quality is excellent, and the editing is top notch. Give it a view... it's worth 17 minutes of your time.

After that, go to Jack's YouTube channel and view the full-length videos that went into this compilation! Thanks should go to Jack for allowing me to embed this.


Eric said...

Your review is spot-on, Steve. Reminds me of the early Pentrex videos which we paid an arm and a leg for. But this one is much better quality produced by someone who doesn't have a fancy-schmancy control room and is giving it away! Well done, Jack for the production and Steve for sharing it!

Canadian Train Geek said...

I have a few Pentrex videos! Maybe Jack was inspired by that narration.