Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Railfanning on the NS-NB Border, by John Morris

John Morris posted a video of his chase of CN 407 (?) as he was heading to Bathurst. John is a professional photographer at Lens Make a Picture. He caught it at Fort Lawrence (near Amherst, NS) and Dorchester, NB but missed it at Scoudouc.

Give it a view! The video is well put together, with some sound issues at some points.

I've shot at Fort Lawrence a few times - it's a good location in both directions and easily accessible from the highway. The iron bridge that used to be there has been replaced, sadly. That old bridge was quite a relic!

In my VIA 15 video from November 2004, I shot at both Fort Lawrence and Dorchester. The links are queued up to the right spot in the video for both locations. I didn't try past Dorchester as it was dark by that time!

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