Friday, April 29, 2016

Off to 'Vator Fan

I'm heading out early tomorrow morning to photograph around 24 grain elevators... another long day, much like my northern Manitoba trip last summer.

This should knock all but one grain elevator off my list of remaining elevators. That one is at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum near Austin.

I'm heading out around 3:30 AM to be at the first target grain elevator, Clanwilliam, at 6:15 a few minutes after sunrise. If I'm lucky I'll get there a bit early.

Sunset is at 20:44 so I'll be at the last elevator, Cromer, in the dark. I'll have to do a long exposure to get that one, and maybe a little light painting. I wish I had caught Cromer in my southwest elevator trip but I didn't know about that elevator at the time. Like the Pokémon song says, gotta catch 'em all!

Here's the map of the elevators I intend to visit... just ignore that one in the middle as I won't be visiting that one yet.

Podcasts are loaded, cameras are cleaned, batteries are charged and caffeine is ready... let's go! Read on!

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