Friday, February 24, 2017

Hashtag Heaven

#trainbridgeweek on Instagram
As you may know, I'm pretty active on Instagram (@stevetraingeek) and I post a photo every morning. A few months ago, I decided to post to a theme every week. I add a hashtag to each photo and invite others to participate. A fair number of other Instagrammers have been joining in and it's great to see their contribution to the themes!

Here are the themes I've posted so far:
and this week, #trainstationweek (34 posts so far).

It's been really fun doing this. A lot of people have commented that they like the idea, as they can look through their archives for photos they can post that match the theme. Sometimes people are a little... loose... in how they interpret the theme, but I find it brings out some really strong photos.

For people on my mailing list, you've been seeing these photos in my weekly Sunday email.

I'm going to keep doing this until I've had enough. I'm sure I'll run out of ideas eventually but so far I haven't. Any suggestions? :)

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