Friday, October 21, 2005

VIA 14 in Moncton

VIA 14 arrived in Moncton at 12:36 with VIA 6431 and 6403 leading a Ren set. Consist below.

7009, 7228, 7232, 7231, 7316, 7523, 7513, 7504, 7311, 7402, 7314, 7521, 7520, 7501, 7526, 7503, 7602, 8704 (Evangeline Park)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

August 1988 CN Car Control Manuals

I now have four CN car control manuals from August 1988 online for your viewing pleasure at

Thanks to Steve Dickie for scanning them, and to David Morris for providing them.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Railfanning in Winnipeg

I spent the morning of October 11 railfanning, mostly camped out on the CN mainline through Winnipeg.

I arrived at 08:25 and there was a headlight in the distance, an eastbound manifest freight led by CN 2597 and CN 5762 (85 cars)

I like how I caught the reflection. It was intentional, even

Right after that freight passed, a CN work crew arrived and started working on a crossover switch. It was obvious to me that nothing would be coming for a while, so I went downtown to the CP yard. I saw a little MOW crane pushing a gondola and pulling a flatcar through the yard, and a couple of CP GP9s were working the yard at 09:49 (1587 and 1503):

These were the units I saw in the yard: CP 9302, CP 9103, CP 5398, LLPX 1502, CP 5773, CP 6010, CP 5626, CP 5687, CP 5826, CEFX 1020.

Back to CN. The work crew said they had to clear out for 11 AM, so I was hoping it was the Canadian coming through. It wasn't. 11:05 : CN 5795, CN 5274 (102 cars)

2005/10/11 11:27 : CN 5665, CN 5538. I was trying to video them threading through the diversion created by the overpass construction on highway 90.

I heard a horn blowing, which was unusual because CN doesn't blow its horn in this area. It turned out to be a northbound CP freight on the La Riviere sub crossing the diamond. 11:36 : CP 1128, CP 3028 (30 cars)

2005/10/11 11:59 : CN 5343

This train had a meet with a westbound at 12:00 : CN 5756, CN 2443, CN 1440 (113 cars)

Love those GMD1's!

Finally, one more westbound with a CP unit trailing. 12:13 : CN 5649, CP 6035 (88 cars)

Not a bad morning! Here's a video showing the trains going through the shoo-fly track.

Just One More Thing

Here are some books about Winnipeg on Amazon.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Riding the Ocean from Miramichi to Amherst and back

Nick and I went to Miramichi today to ride the Ocean from there to Amherst and back. We met Luc Doiron at the station and chatted for a bit.

1029 VIA 14 arrived, with 6411 (Lifesaver) and 6434 (Spiderman) leading a Renaissance consist.

The consist was 6411, 6434, 7011, 7223, 7217 ... more to come .. and Yoho Park on the end.

1037 The consist rolled forward for the second platform stop.
1040 We departed Miramichi in car 7217.

When we arrived in Rogersville, I spotted David Othen filming our arrival. I took a few snaps of him from the car but out of respect for his privacy, I won't post them. :)

1120 We departed Rogersville. We hit two slow sections between Rogersville and Coal Branch. It was fairly rough track but the Renaissance cars went smoothly over it. I noticed how close some of the trees and bushes were getting to the track. It reminded me of the Salem and Hillsborough Railroad before we had them cut back.

1205 We arrived at Pacific Junction and got onto the CN Napadogan subdivision.

1215 We passed a number of CN ex-gypsum cars stored on the siding near Gordon Yard.

After arrival at Moncton, Nick and I detrained and went up to the engine. The very friendly engineer invited us up and we had a little chat about brakes with him. After a bit, we stepped out and ran into list member Tim Dryden. I admit I was a little brief with him, as I was worried about getting back on the train before it left. I apologize, Tim!

1255 We left Moncton station.

1307 We took the siding before Painsec Junction and spent 10 minutes crawling along before what I have to assume was CN 307 rocketed past on the main around mile 117. It had 3 big engines and a GP38.

After Memramcook at 1335 and Dorchester at 1342, we arrived in Sackville at 1353.

1421 VIA 14 left for Halifax.

1554 VIA 15 arrived at Amherst. I tried to take video of its arrival but some woman seemed to make a point of walking right between me and the lead engine. Very annoying. I'm sure she wasn't doing it on purpose but gosh darn it.

Um, excuse me, please?

Arrival at Amherst

We boarded the train, dropped our coats in 8117, then took up residence in the dome. I hardly left the dome. :) I had a good chat with an older couple from B.C. who were doing a cross-Canada trip. They had flown into Newfoundland, toured Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and were off to Quebec City next.

The consist: 6412, 6442, 8622, 8137, 8117, 8506, Chateau Rouville, Chateau Iberville, Acadian, Chateau Joliet, Chateau Viger, Chateau Papineau, Chateau Iberville, Chateau Rigaud, Chateau Levis, Revelstoke Park.

1700 We arrived at the Moncton station.

1727 Outside Gordon yard we met NBEC #402, stopped in the siding with CFMG 6907 and SFEX 4204 leading 17 cars.

At Pacific Junction I caught a glimpse of an eastbound CN train waiting on the main for us to get onto NBEC trackage. Any idea what train this was? I just got a very quick grab shot so it's not great quality at all:

1830 We rolled past the Rogersville station without stopping.

There was a beautiful sunset:

I caught a shot of the UPM engine as we passed through:

1912 VIA 15 left us and Miramichi behind. The engineer gave us very friendly waves.