Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

For those who participate, I hope you enjoy Halloween. Watch out for the kids tonight!

Friday, October 30, 2009

CN 305 On The Main Line

Kevin Gaudet recently posted a video of CN 305 rolling through Berry Mills in the early morning. I liked how he had the hotbox detector recording at the beginning of the video.

It was good positioning of the camera, too, to compensate for the low sun. It's hard to get good early morning shots where the track goes east-west.

That video inspired me to dig back in YouTube history for other shots of CN 305 on the CN mainline in New Brunswick. Here's saintjohnrailfan's video of CN 305 at McGivney, with a DPU no less, on August 24 2008.

The train horn echoes well in McGivney.

Here's jamminjoel's video of CN 305 at the route 625 crossing on September 6, 2008.

Finally, here's one of my own shots of CN 305, at St. Basil NB outside Edmundston on August 12, 2007.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just a Few More Minutes

CP 9017 in Winnipeg
"Just a few more hours
And I'll be right home to you
I think I hear them callin'
Oh, Beth what can I do
Beth what can I do" - Kiss

I decided to take the kids out and do a bit of railfanning Sunday afternoon (October 25). Most trains I see in Winnipeg are CN, so we went northeast to CP country.

There were no signs of life on the CP Keewatin subdivision at the Perimeter, so we went in to Day Street to see what was going on at CEMR. Answer: nothing. I did see CN GMD1 1413 there, and the engine of CEMR 4013 was exposed. CP 1530 and 1532 were idling in the North Transcona yard.

We made a quick trip down to Dugald Road to see if anything was happening around CN (no), so after a Tim Hortons stop, we went back up to Day Street. After a bit, a headlight was visible to the west. In good time they rolled by at 16:30 with red barn CP 9017 leading and CP 6041 trailing.

After they passed, I saw a headlight to the east. Great! Except... it didn't move. I waited, and waited, then went to Redona Street at 17:00 to get a closer look. Olympic unit CP 8872 was waiting at the head of CP 115 under the Perimeter Highway. I waited and waited some more, but I had to get going to buy some pumpkins. They were still waiting at 17:15 when I left.
CP 8872 in Winnipeg

On my way around the Perimeter, I crossed the CP Emerson sub and saw a southbound freight's headlight... again, no time to wait.

Maybe next time!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Caboose To Be Moved

Malcolm Peacock's caboose is due to be moved to the Village Historique Acadien in Caraquet, according to this Times Transcript article. They have built a replica train station and will now have a caboose to put in front of it.

Malcolm died in August 2009 and his family was looking to dispose of his caboose. I'm glad it is going to a good home.

I stayed overnight in that caboose a few times when volunteering at the New Brunswick Railway Museum in Hillsborough. Malcolm was very proud of the caboose and kept it in good shape. He often brought museum visitors through it, even though it was his private caboose and not the museum's.

The Race is On

There was a little race Monday (Oct 27) at noontime. I knew the Hudson Bay (VIA 693) was due soon, but I also knew CN 199 was ready to roll at Fort Rouge at the same time. I was curious how it would pan out. Normally westbound VIA trains are on the north track.

The RTC put CN 199 on the north track. As it rolled toward me, I could see the headlights of the Hudson Bay behind them. I couldn't imagine that the RTC would make VIA tag along behind the freight, and she did not. The Hudson Bay was on the south track, rapidly overtaking the container train on the north.

CN 199 passed me first, with CN 5731 and 2721 leading a long container train.
CN 5731 on train 199, Winnipeg

Within two minutes, the Hudson Bay was rolling by on the south track.
VIA 6413 and the Hudson Bay

The train had the regular power, VIA 6413 and VIA 6456, on point, with baggage car 8600, three coaches (8106, 8110, 8100), diner York (8418), and two Chateau sleepers (8221 Radisson and 8223 Rigaud). I heard the previous Hudson Bay had a dome car... I keep hoping to see one on this train.
VIA Hudson Bay in Winnipeg
You can see the head end of CN 199 in the photo above. No doubt VIA was past CN before Diamond.

I think that's the first time I saw two trains passing in the same direction... it was very interesting.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Slug On The Road

CN 7243 and slug 203
I saw a strange sight just before supper on Friday (Oct 23). I saw a CN westbound beside the Perimeter Highway on Wilkes Avenue, with ordinary units CN 2256 and 2682 leading... but they had GP9 7243 and slug 203 trailing!

Strange to see a slug on a mainline train.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Red Board at Carman Junction

Allan Peden has a great story here about his involvement in a wreck at Carman Junction in western Winnipeg in the early morning of October 17, 1956. CN Extra 2503 East ran a red board at the Junction and collided with a train coming off the Carman subdivision. Mr. Peden was the head-end brakeman in the engine. The fireman was critically injured when jumping from the engine, and died later.

The Carman subdivision was sold to the Central Manitoba Railway, but Carman Junction still exists and is used. These days they have signal lights instead of boards!

Read the entire last days of steam series. There are several stories about working on CN, in and around Winnipeg.

This Day, 13 Years Ago

Two slides for you today!

Here is a slide shot 13 years ago today, by Glenn Cunningham. Three of my favourite MLWs, CP 4228, 4243, and 4211, rest in London Ontario. 4243 was NBEC 4243 at the end of its life, before being scrapped in 2009 after the New Brunswick East Coast Railway was purchased by CN.

This is another slide shot on the same day in the same location by Glenn Cunningham. CP 4214 is the lead engine of this triplet.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pacing Videos

It's rare to find pacing videos of trains. By pacing videos I mean shots where the train and the observer are moving side by side. You need two things: a road parallel to the tracks with few obstructions in between, and a driver. I haven't shot any pacing videos because I usually railfan alone.

Caleb aka CNCRW94 posted a video of local CN 507 rolling through Windsor Junction. He chased it and provided some pacing footage as shiny CN 4805 and grimy CN 4725 pulled a few hoppers and tankers along.

Dave aka nbsrfan has long been a practitioner of the pacing shot. Here is his video of a recent NB Southern Railway passenger train, with a nice pacing sequence through Westfield at 4:02 and 4:27 and 5:09.

Nice job, guys!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Monday's Trains

I never got around to posting the trains I saw Monday noon. I arrived near St. James Junction and I immediately saw CN 2553 and CN 5732 hauling a westbound container train past. Definitely no time for a tripod!

Sometimes you get lucky and the train is right there; sometimes you miss it by 10 seconds. :)

The Canadian could be seen right afterward. It came up to St. James Junction and stopped, presumably waiting for the freight to clear the block so it could proceed. After about 10 minutes, the Canadian started up again. From my vantage point near Kenaston I could see the lead engine was green, meaning it was the Telus engine VIA 6429.
Telus engine VIA 6429 on the Canadian in Winnipeg
It had a diner "Empress" deadheading behind the engines. On occasion you can see a car deadheading (traveling unoccupied) as VIA moves equipment around.

Full consist here in my railway sighting database.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The River Hills Railroad

Manitoba's newest shortline is the River Hills Railroad Inc., formed to investigate acquiring a portion of the Canadian Pacific Railway's Glenboro subdivision.

CP has added the 101 kilometers of railway between Rathwell and Nesbitt to its 3 Year Network Plan aka list of sections for abandonment. That basically cuts out of the middle of the Glenboro subdivision, leaving the section from Winnipeg to Rathwell, and from Page into Saskatchewan.

Former Rural Municipality of Victoria reeve and councilor Harold Purkness is the President of the new company.

Their intent is to do a feasibility study to see if a shortline is worthwhile. Rail West Management has been retained to perform the study.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CN 302 at Sunset

I was in Portage la Prairie today. I didn't see any trains on the way there, and all I saw while I was there was resident switcher CP 3082 and white caboose CP 420989.

I caught CN 302 passing through as I was heading home to Winnipeg. First, I saw it as it came into Portage at 18:04. CN 2226 and IC 1026 were the engines on the point.

I went around Portage on the Trans-Canada Highway, and I saw 302 meeting 401 as the latter came into Portage. 302 was really moving, but I was able to get ahead and set up at a crossing just west of Elie. 302 blasted through at 18:35 in the falling dark.

302 had just passed by the time I crossed over Wilkes Avenue on the Perimeter. They were making good time!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday Night Railfanning

I was out Sunday night (Oct 18) to see a friend at VIA's Union Station. That didn't work out, but I did manage to see a few trains.

First I went to CN Subway to try to catch the Canadian as it came in. As I arrived, a westbound roared by at 20:04 with CN 8824 and IC 6100. I set up the tripod and put the video camera into "night mode". Soon enough a headlight was visible to the east, but it was not the Canadian

It had CN 2531 on the point, with a BC Rail Dash 8 and another BC Rail unit (an SD40 or SD40-2) trailing. There were a lot of loaded paper products cars in this train.

As the train rolled on by, I saw another headlight to the east, and the train ended up rolling up right in front of me. This one had IC 6200 and CN 5245.

With my view blocked, and time getting short, I figured I should head to the station. It turned out that the Canadian had arrived at the station almost an hour early. I wandered around the station looking for my friend, but I never saw him.

After a while, I left and headed over toward Symington Yard before heading home. I saw and shot an eastbound near Beach Junction with CN 5556 and CN 5534 for power. I last saw 5556 by the Prairie Dog Central.

I heard there were two westbounds ready to leave the yard but time was growing late, so I headed home.

EDIT: Added second video

Scanners - Frequencies

Previous: Introduction to scanners | Programming scanners

Now that you have an idea how to program a scanner, what do you put in it? You need to know the frequencies you want to monitor. For Canadian railroads, your best bet by far is to get the Canadian Trackside Guide, the railfan's "Bible". You can buy it direct from the Bytown Railway Society, at your local hobby store, or try to find it on Amazon. The price ranges from $28 to $33. You can always buy a used one for a little less money, since the information inside does not change that much every year.

You will need to go to the list of subdivisions for the railway and location(s) you are looking for. For example, suppose you want to know the frequencies for CN trains in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. You would go to the CN subdivision section, then find out what subdivision Portage is on (CN Rivers). Then find the frequencies listed for that subdivision.

There is typically one train channel for the entire subdivision. In fact, for CN it is the same frequency for every subdivision. This channel is used for trains to talk to each other. They are often used to announce signals as they approach them ("VIA 1 clear signal at East Tower") to alert other trains and crews of their presence.

There are one or more RTC channels per subdivision. These are used to call the RTC (Rail Traffic Controller) to get permission to occupy track, or to do track work. Much of the RTC channel traffic is between maintenace of way (MOW) personnel and the RTC, but the train crews use it on occasion. It is helpful to listen to RTC traffic as you can get clues as to when trains will pass certain points.

Engineering channels are also listed, for use by the MOW crews, but I do not find them to be very useful to listen to.

Load your scanner up with channels for the areas you visit most. I have CN and CP channels in my scanner, on different banks so I only listen to the channels appropriate for the railway I am near.

Next, a few comments about the legalities and ethics of scanner use, followed by some tips and tricks.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oddities in Winnipeg

I drove by CN's Symington Yard just before noon today, and I saw two unusual sights in the yard just south of the hump.

Ex-CP SW1200 8131 was sitting there by itself. I understand 8131 has been dead for quite some time.
CP 8131, Winnipeg

GO Transit bilevel car 2499 was very near 8131. This is probably the same GO car I saw yesterday on the end of a freight. The last time I saw I saw a GO car in Winnipeg (Boxing Day 2007), it was coming from the Bombardier plant in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
GO 2499 in Winnipeg

A more normal sight was a freight at the south end of the yard, presumably getting ready to head out on the Sprague subdivision. CN 5776 and 2648 were at the head of a container train.
CN 5776 and 2648 in Winnipeg
Note the ubiquitous Canada geese in the field. They are everywhere in Winnipeg!

Last Mountain Railway

The Regina Leader-Post has a good article on the startup of LMR.

The Last Mountain Railway started up on August 31 2009, pulling 25 cars out of the CN Regina yard. They are using the two GE B23-7 units I saw in Regina back in June 2009. They have been repainted to all black with white lettering.

Mobil Grain Ltd. is their major customer, as far as I can see.

I guess we can call this YASS, or "Yet Another Saskatchewan Shortline". I think this makes 11!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Four Unit Freight

CN 2237 in Winnipeg
I had a quick glimpse of a general freight this afternoon. It was coming through Beach Junction, entering Symington Yard in Winnipeg at 15:30. CN 2237, CN 2711, CN 8012, and CN 8805 were the power on the head end. I shot the above photo from the Dugald Road overpass.

Interestingly enough, there was a bilevel GO car as the second last car in the consist.

CN 8010 and 8812 were beside the hump, at the head of a container train. Another three-unit consist was drilling the south end of the yard, presumably making a train up to head south down the Sprague subdivision.

Friday, October 16, 2009

BNSF 2001

I saw new arrival BNSF 2001 on Thursday October 15. I shot VIA's Canadian at Waverley Street, then 2001 rolled by with a short transfer.

VIA first. They gave one horn blast as they went by, very unusual in this area.

BNSF headed out of Fort Rouge immediately afterward, with bell ringing.

Note the two white boxes on top of the cab. Would those be air conditioning units?
BNSF 2001 in Winnipeg

Canadian Pacific Railway Holiday Train

CP's Holiday Train has been announced for 2009. I see it will be in Winnipeg on December 6, just north of Nairn Avenue and west of Lagimodiere Boulevard. Good location!

I will have to make an effort to see that! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

CN 9416 on the Chaleur

You may recall that CN 9416 has been leased by VIA Rail for about a month to give the Chaleur some more traction over the fallen leaves. The Chaleur typically has a lot of problems slipping on the rails in the fall due to the leaves covering the tracks, especially since there are no regular freights to help keep the rails clear. In previous years the Chaleur has had to abandon trips due to slippery rails. CN 9416 is a GP40-2.

tjmfishing shot CN 9416 leading the Chaleur into New Carlisle, Quebec on Saturday October 10.

Earlier that week (October 5), Errol Robertson shot CN 9416 and VIA 6419 at Gaspe in the pouring rain!
CN 9416 on VIA's Chaleur. Photo by Errol Robertson

David Morris caught what I think was the inaugural run of 9416 on the Chaleur, on October 3. Here is CN 9416 at St. Simeon on the way toward Gaspe.
VIA 16 with CN 9416

On that day the Chaleur had to turn at New Carlisle. David shot the train in the midst of the turning exercise at New Carlisle.
VIA 17 turning at New Carlisle with CN 9416

EDIT: Removed the comment about the GP40-2's gearing, as it is obviously not a bonus for the slow speeds that the Chaleur travels at on the Gaspe. The GP40-2 is added and removed at Matapedia so it never travels the Corridor with the Chaleur. Thanks Peter for the comment.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BNSF 2001 Is Live

Peter L spotted BNSF 2001 (GP38-2) and BNSF 2886 (GP39M) doing some switching today around noon. I have to assume that 2886 will be heading south soon... but you never know. How nice of BNSF to supply a pumpkin-coloured unit, just in time for Halloween!

Looking For Something To Do For Halloween?

Why not visit the Haunted Train?

The Town of Florenceville-Bristol Presents An evening of Halloween Fun

This year's event will follow a “ZOMBIE” theme.

Where: Bristol Shogomoc Railway Site 9189 Main Street
When: Friday, October 30, 2009
Time 5:00-7:00pm less intense, appropriate for younger children well lit
Time 7:30-9:30pm stronger theme, appropriate for older/mature children, youth and adults”. Parental discretion is advised.
Cost: $2.00/person
Be prepared to be scared and terrorized at this unforgettable AMAZING family event!

NEW: A treat venue will be on site.

From all accounts, the Halloween trains of previous years have been a lot of fun.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CEMR, VIA, BNSF, oh my!

I went to the St. James Junction area today at noon to see the Hudson Bay. I heard that BNSF 2001 was at Fort Rouge last night, so I was hoping to see that too. I got more than I bargained for! I set up at the Waverley Street crossing.

At 12:17 I saw a westbound freight round the corner at Portage Junction. It turned out to be CEMR 4001, ANY 5232, and CEMR 4002 leading the westbound freight to the CEMR Carman Subdivision.
CEMR 4001 in Winnipeg
I had a look at the photos afterward, and I see the engine crew were gesturing as they went by.

I'm glad they had TWO fingers up!

Right after that, a CN local went down the Letellier sub to switch the industrial area around Chevrier. They had one engine (likely a 7200 series GP9), one slug, and about a dozen cars.

At 12:25 the Hudson Bay (VIA 693) made its appearance.
VIA Hudson Bay in Winnipeg
The consist was 6456, 6445, 8600, 8110, 8100, York, Chateau Radisson.

Finally, at 12:40 the BNSF transfer went east to Fort Rouge with BNSF 12580 leading and BNSF 2886 pushing. By then I was out of time so I couldn't wait to see 2001 return. Here they are, with a fairly long train.

Monday, October 12, 2009

This Day, 14 Years Ago

CP 4231. Photo by Glenn Cunningham
Here's another slide from Glenn Cunningham, this one in an unknown location (maybe London Ontario?) taken on October 12, 1995. CP 4231 and I think 4203 are at the head of a coal train.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Park Car on the Hudson Bay

Clayton Chaloner shot VIA 692 with a Park car on the end, namely 8718 Waterton Park. Apparently Tuesday's outgoing Hudson Bay had the same car. I would have shot it but I was having lunch with my wife instead. I guess I'll make a point of shooting the next Hudson Bay!

Clayton's Photo

First Train to Calais

On Friday October 9 the first train went (back) to Calais, Maine to service the Domtar plant in Woodland. NBSR 2612 was left there to do the switching.

I suggested that NBSR 3703 would be going down to switch the plant. That rumour is true; however 3703 is not ready yet. She had her cab taken apart two and a half years ago, and then lay dormant in Island Yard in Saint John. It should be painted this weekend and be restored to service in a week or two after that.

This was the first train in Calais since the last train left on May 1, 2009. It's good to see rail service return to the town.

Friday, October 09, 2009

CN 314 Thursday

I had an hour to kill Thursday evening, so I went up around the CN Symington yard to see what was happening. It looked like they were humping container cars, which seemed odd to me, but what do I know?

On the north side, CN 314 was just leaving the yard at 19:30, so I backtracked a bit and shot it at a crossing. There were some interesting loads on the head end. CN 5738, IC 1025, and CN 2448 provided the muscle for this long train.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Slim Pickings

I ventured out at noon for a few minutes but saw no trains on the CN Rivers subdivision. Since Wednesday is "no passenger train" day in Winnipeg, that was to be expected. Around supper time, I was cruising around the Archibald Street area with the kids. I saw a few CP trains on the mainline but I was not in any position to take photos; ditto with CN. I did happen to see two CP switchers on the Emerson sub (?) parallel to Archibald Street.

CP 1530 and 1550 were switching autoracks.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

NBSR 3703 to Woodland?

NBSR 3702 and 3703, Reversing Falls
I have heard a strong rumour that NBSR 3703 will be sent to Woodland, Maine to switch the newly restarted Domtar plant there.

You may recall that the last train from Calais departed on May 1, 2009 after the closure of the mill there.

Monday, October 05, 2009

SOO 4203 Update

SOO 4203, Winnipeg
SOO 4203, Winnipeg, October 5 2009

Geoff Sockett has discovered that SOO 4203 (mentioned here) has been saved from the scrapper, and purchased by the Savage Rail Services Group. It will be renumbered to SVGX 8625. Savage is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Here is some roster information on SOO 4203. She was a GP9, built for the New York Central as NYC 5949, renumbered to Penn Central 7349, then Conrail 7349. CP acquired and rebuilt her in March 1991 and she became SOO 4203.

CN Unit on the Chaleur

CN 9416 has been leased to head up the Chaleur, VIA 16/17, on the Gaspe coast. Historically the Chaleur has had traction problems in the fall with leaves on the track. The addition of the GP40 on the head end will hopefully permit the Chaleur to make the entire trip without having to turn back. The CN unit is being added at Matapedia and removed there on the return trip. Word is that it has been rented for a month.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Working on the Railroad

I volunteered at the Prairie Dog Central Railway again on Saturday. I was asked if I was interested in doing some track work, and I agreed. We were scheduled to work between 9 and 2.

When I arrived at the Prairie Dog, I saw CN 5556 rolling up the line to service the elevator at CN Lilyfield. I took a quick shot of it passing by the station before I went in.
CN 5556 at the Prairie Dog Central
CN owns the first few miles of the former Oak Point subdivision, and the Prairie Dog owns the rest.

We assembled at 9 AM at the shop on Inkster Boulevard in Rosser just northwest of Winnipeg. The plan was to ride diesel 4138 up the line to Warren, then check and clear crossings on the way back. Engineer Mel, MOW chief Robert, Tom and myself crowded into the cab and we were off. It took about an hour to reach Warren.

There were two crossings just north of Warren that were quite clogged. We got out and attacked them with shovels and brooms. The concern at the crossings is with debris getting between the rail and the boards on the inside of the rail, causing a rough ride and in the worst case a derailment. The soil around Winnipeg tends to be clay and therefore sticks in the channels.

The Prairie Dog Central has a couple of labour-saving devices on their locomotive. The first is a pair of posts mounted to the pilot of the locomotive that are used to clear the channels in the crossings. The posts are normally "up" but they can be lowered and secured such that they are right on the inside of the rails. The locomotive then rolls slowly through the crossings and the posts plow through the debris in the channel. You can't use this when there is a joint in the rail, for fear of the post catching on the joint. Here's a photo of the post lowered, in the shop.

The other labour-saving device is a high-pressure blower. They rigged up a wand, very much like a car-wash wand, connected to the compressed air aboard the locomotive. This powerful device can blow out a lot of debris, rocks and so forth from the channel. Safety glasses and hearing protection are required!

Tom told me to make sure I kept my mouth closed when using it, and I soon found out why. The debris goes everywhere - in your hair (not that I have any), your mouth, your nose...

We worked our way south from Warren. Some of the crossings were fine, and some were not. There were a few that were especially difficult, and they needed a pick to remove some of the debris. Robert also checked every flashing light on the way and noted the inspection in the log book.

We were back in the shop by 1 PM and we retired to the lunchroom. Another good day working on the Prairie Dog!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

CP Units in Winnipeg

Stored CP engines in Winnipeg
I was down to the CP yard to record what units I saw... here are the results.

CP 8843 / 8870 - a westbound container train waiting in the yard.
CP 5756 yard power near shops

At shops: 1576, 1594, 1636, 1695, 5733, 5909, 8275, 8822, 9112, 9124, 9132, 9135, 9148, 9728, CEFX 1042

CP 6047 and Track Evaluation Train
CP 6047 with Track Evaluation Train... 68 / 424993 / 63... I saw these cars in McAdam on June 20, 2006.

Working east of Arlington
6609 / 1597

CP engines in Winnipeg
At fuel stand / ready track
3122, 3117, 6616, 1562

In storage near Arlington Street Bridge:
1595, 1644, 5494, 5669, 5700, 5576, 5700, 5721, 5945, 5952, 5905, 5998, 6058, 9120, 9130, 9141, 9142, 9145, 9149, 9150, 9300, 9302, 9303

CP 401019 snowplow in yard

There were quite a lot of units around!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Rainy Videos

Here are two videos taken in the rain... first a poor one of VIA's Canadian in the pouring rain Thursday noon. I have no idea what the engine numbers were!

Next, CN 101 heading west out of Winnipeg. 101 had a problem with one of their engines and had to stop at Waverley. Once the problem was resolved, they throttled up and got out. You can really hear the bass of the engines as they are ramping up. Too bad the video is so dark. :P CN 8810 and 2522 were the engines.

Both were taken at St. James Junction in Winnipeg.

NBSR 3735

NBSR 3735. Photo by Danny McCracken
NBSR 3735 in McAdam, November 2, 1996. Photo by Danny McCracken.

Someone passed along a link showing the scrapping of former NB Southern Railway GP9 3735.

NBSR 3735 started life in December 1956 as a GP9. It was built for the Texas and New Orleans Railroad as TNO 439. It became SP 3561 then in 1972 it was renumbered to 3735. In 1995 it was sold to the NB Southern Railway. They disposed of it in 2001.

It was delivered to Action Metals in Kelowna, BC at the beginning of March 2003, and was down to the frame by the end of the same month.

View the scrapping

Thursday, October 01, 2009

CP Units at the Scrappers Update

The scrappers have been very busy since my last update on September 17.

I looked on September 23 and SOO 4201, CP 1551 and CP 1504 were down to the frames.

I looked again Tuesday morning (September 29) and there were only five units left. CP 1558, SOO 4202, SOO 4204 and CP 1556 were down to the frames and cabs, and SOO 420x was still intact. It might be SOO 4203.

On Thursday morning (October 1) I had a quick glance as I drove by. SOO 4204 and CP 1556 are down to their frames, and the mysterious SOO unit is still intact. The SOO on the nose is painted over, and the numbers on the side of the cab appear to be missing. It was clearly a SOO unit, though. There was a crane parked next to the unit so I couldn't see any more details.

EDIT: I had a quick look at the mystery unit this morning (October 2) and it was definitely 4203. The numbers on the engineer side were painted over but are still somewhat visible.