Wednesday, December 28, 2005

VIA 14 and other traffic at Moncton, 2005/12/28

My wife, daughter and I went to Moncton to do some shopping... and catch a few trains in the process.

My main target was VIA 14. We arrived in Moncton and I went to Delong Drive to see #14 at the overpass. I waited, and waited. On the scanner I heard CN 539? looking for clearance to go onto the Franklin Spur. "Go!" said the RTC, wanting to clear them before #14 came through. So CN 4713 and CN 4723 pulled five cars (covered hopper / boxcar / covered hopper / boxcar / tank car) out of Gordon Yard at 11:57.

CN 4713 and 4723

CN 307 was mucking around in the yard. I saw the units once but mostly I just heard them switching.

I gave up on Delong Drive because my girls were waiting in the van, and I took them to the mall. On my return through downtown I heard #14 tell someone that they took the light at West End, so their arrival at the station was imminent. I managed to get in position at the station to tape their arrival at 12:40. They had the three units (6420/15/16) with Budd baggage car 8623 and 17 Renaissance cars. I didn't get all the numbers but here's what I have:

VIA 6420 / 6415 / 6416 with 8623 / 7011 / 7223 / ??? / 7225 / 7513 / 7504 / 7309 / 7400 / 7313 / 7500 / 7517 / 7522 / 7515 / 7512

VIA 14 at Moncton

I walked around and took some photos with my 1 megapixel video camera, totally forgetting that I had my 3.1 megapixel camera in the van.

VIA 6420
VIA 6420's extra headlight.

VIA 6420 truck
6420's truck. I guess there's a bit of snow out there!

Irving Christmas
I especially liked the wreath on the Irving truck.

I was slow getting away from the station and I was pacing them on highway 15 as they crossed the viaduct. I made a fatal mistake and continued out highway 15 and found I had to go all the way to Scoudouc. I really should have gone onto the Trans-Canada and caught them at a crossing farther down. Anyway, they got away.

Any suggestions on where to shoot them after the station, close to or in Moncton?

I heard a lot of chatter from Dieppe, so I went there. A snow broom was working there. I heard them talking with CN 534 about what switches they needed cleared. As I arrived back in Dieppe I heard the broom asking the RTC for clearance to go to the Point du Chene spur, then down to Painsec and to Upper Dorchester. I found CN 534 working Master Packaging. It was CN 4728 with a covered hopper.

CN 4728

That was enough for the day.

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MLW RSC14 said...

photos on CNR east of Moncton VIA station

if you want full train, try the overhead shots at Harrisville Blvd. (access from the overpass west of the airport, or from the TCH exit at Caledonia Industrial Estates)

another nice full-length shot is the TCH overpass at the west end of Painsec siding

i like the area around Mill Street, off Elmwood Drive. you can get well off the ROW near the scrapyard spur and get a nice sweeping view as they come up the valley of the Humphrey Brook. watch the sun as you could end up shooting into it though

further east, you can get nice shots at the Shediac Road grade crossing at Lakeville or at Painsec Jct. itself. Drive out #15 past the airport, then take the TCH toward Fredericton (ie. don't go to Scoudouc), then take the next exit (Shediac Rd.) where there's a Shell/Tim Horton's and continue out until you reach the grade crossing at Lakeville

to reach Painsec, take the next road to the right after going across the crossing, drive to the end, then turn right at the intersection and go under highway #15. The junction is directly on your right and you can't miss it

another overhead shot is on the highway #132 overpass between Painsec and Calhoun. Go out #15 and take the TCH east toward Sackville, after several kms take the next exit (hwy 132) for Scoudouc and you'll be at the overpass in a minute or so. Only problem is it's on a bit of a curve

the TCH overpass at Gayton quarry can be good, depending on the time of day, but the highway traffic makes this a pretty dangerous spot. The crossing near the covered bridge in Gayton village is nicer and safer about 1 mile further east, so take the exit for Rue Renaissance and drive until the tracks come into view and you'll see the crossing

after that you're into the Memramcook Valley with lots of open shots