Sunday, March 12, 2006

NB Southern and Nackawic

When the Nackawic mill started up again, there was talk that NB Southern would handle some of the pulp traffic at Harvey. Apparently it will be transloaded at McAdam now.

Trucks will back up to one side of the boxcar, and the pulp will be unloaded into the boxcar and loaded into a railcar on the other side.

I was told they tried it at Harvey but the switching kept blocking the highway crossing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

Enjoyed your recent rail trip pictures.

To comment on the Nackawic traffic, there have already loaded several cars at McAdam. As far as I know, no cars were loaded at Harvey. I posted a picture I took in mid January, to the Northern New England photo gallery, of four cars that were placed in the two sidings in Harvey ( two to each siding with doors aligned to the one beside ), along with a trackmobile ploughing the main beside the cars. The cars were moved within a week.

The cars were set up for demo purposes to show the " Nackawic people " as to how the cars were to be loaded. Payloaders were to be placed " permanently " in the cars on the outside track, such that the transfer could take place from trucks to the adjacent boxcar.

NBSR ofiicials were not keen on having the cars loaded here, as they asked the Nackawic people to consider St.John or McAdam. Also, another large concern with Harvey, was the fact with having trucks turning by the RR crossing and entering / existing to a busy highway. The trucks that pass regularly through Harvey ( a large number at that )really rumble at excessive speeds at times. They try to gain speed to ascend the grades on either side of the RR crossing.

I think it is great that NBSR has picked up this additional business. I haven't been to McAdam in several months and I will visit there in a week or so to view the set up for the Nackawic traffic.

Brian Barchard

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks for that detail, Brian. The photo you mentioned is here: here on

I can see how turning truck traffic would be a problem there. It's a wonder there aren't more accidents at the railway crossing, given the grades on both sides of the track.