Friday, August 22, 2008

August 16 in Chaplin

After I visited Regina, I went to the tiny town of Chaplin, Saskatchewan for a visit. Did you know Chaplin has a Wikipedia entry? I had no idea.

From a railway perspective, CP's main line runs right through Chaplin, which used to be a division point in the steam age. The grain elevator still stands in Chaplin, and is still in use, but I'm not sure it still handles grain. There is also a sodium sulphate mine in Chaplin that sees rail traffic.

I was sitting on the back deck with the scanner on, and I heard the hotbox detector west of Chaplin. I walked over to the line to wait for trains, and alas nothing showed up. I had given up and had started walking back when I heard a train blowing for the crossings. I ran back and at 17:58 I saw an eastbound train with Olympic unit CP 8859, CP 8752?, 95 platforms (almost all doublestacks), and pusher CP 8714 on the end.

Sorry for the poor quality - these are video captures.

Later, I walked over to the rail line around 8:30 PM to see what was what, and soon afterward an eastbound passed through at 20:46 with CP 8520, a second unit, CP 3125, 19 platforms, 6 steel cars, and 78 others. The detector at Secretan said it had 428 axles.

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