Saturday, March 16, 2013

PI Day Trains

Thursday, March 14 was "PI day" (3.14). I went out at noon to try to get the Canadian at Portage Junction in Winnipeg. I saw CN 7044 and CN 1435 working Fort Rouge yard. They were likely the "local" train gathering cars before working the Fort Garry area.
CN 7044 and CN 1435 in Winnipeg

CN 7044 is equipped for remote control and the crew were using that while shunting. While I was watching them, CN 2256 came rolling up on the south track at the head of CN train 199. They stopped with 2256 halfway around the curve at Portage Junction.
CN 7044 works the Fort Rouge yard in Winnipeg

I realized this was going to block my view of the Canadian, now imminent, so I went to my car and headed over to Waverley Street to get them there. I was about a minute ahead of VIA 1 and got the shots.

VIA 6440 in Winniepg

Kokanee Park was on the rear of the Canadian.
The VIA Rail Canadian in Winnipeg

I saw them pass through St. James Junction and there was a CN train stopped on the south track near the golf dome. The headlight was not on, indicating the train was unoccupied.
VIA Rail's Canadian meets CN in Winnipeg

CN 199 was going to be there a while, I guess, as the engineer was out enjoying the view from the "front deck".
CN 2256 in Winnipeg

I went over to see the parked train. It had CN 8844 and CN 8012 ahead of this engine, faded CN 4761.
CN 4761 in Winnipeg

That was all the trains I saw on PI Day. I guess one could say I saw 3.14 trains if you count the GP9/GMD1 combination as 0.14. ;)

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GP9Rm4108 said...

Guys around here seem to love shutting their headlight off at any opportunity they can get.

Most guys shut it off when they are stopped and/or are meeting another train.

Don't ever let an extinguished headlight make you think no one is onboard.