Sunday, July 27, 2014

Railfanning Prince George, Part 3

In late June 2014 I went to Prince George for a few days. See part 1 and part 2.

On June 25 I was able to visit the Prince George Railway and Forestry Museum for about half an hour before it closed. I was really interested to see it as I have no direct experience with BC Rail (or its predecessor the Pacific Great Eastern) and I wanted to see some of their equipment.

I have quite a few photos loaded in my Prince George Railway Museum gallery, but here are some highlights. The museum has a lot of interesting rolling stock in its collection.

One of the former Tumbler Ridge locomotives
Can I climb on the flanger?
Two of the three CP pieces here (the other is a steel caboose)
They have several items not on display on the other side of the turntable
A BC Rail Remote Control Car and some MOW cars
You can go inside this snowplow, very nice!
View from inside the snowplow
Their only steam engine, CN 1520
I liked this little GE 40 tonner, repainted in 2002
Nice interior of a passenger car

This RS-10 is not on display - needs a bit of TLC
On display but needs a LOT of TLC
They have a good collection - heavy on BC specific items as you might expect with good BC Rail, PG&E and CN representation. Many of the cars and engines have a placard nearby with a few facts about the item.

Unfortunately, all of the rolling stock is outdoors so they are showing the signs of weathering, some pretty heavily. I don't mean to complain - I know money and volunteer hours are short at all museums - but I wanted to make that observation.

There is a miniature railway on site but I didn't see it running.
Very narrow gauge!
For part 4, the final chapter, we see the Skeena and a few CN trains as well as another look at the huge bridge over the Fraser River. Thanks for reading.

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