Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Product Review: Freehands Gloves

I wanted to post a quick review of the gloves I wear when photographing outside in cold weather, Freehands Gloves. These gloves are made with Thinsulate insulation and are great for keeping your hands from freezing when you're outside snapping photos.

They are not bulky at all so they go on easy and feel very natural. You could use them as driving gloves and in fact I often leave them on when I get back to the car and drive off to the next photo location.
The tips of the index fingers and thumbs fold back so you can use those fingers for manipulating your camera, using your phone, and so forth. There are circular magnets embedded in the gloves that keep the tips folded back and out of the way, which is pretty neat in my opinion.

They are definitely not a replacement for proper winter mitts. If it's below -20C/-4F, these will not keep your hands warm long-term. If it's really cold I will wear my winter "skidoo" mittens over top and just slip those off to shoot.

One thing, good and bad, is that the material over the thumbs and index fingers is quite thin. I keep the fingers "on" when using my camera as I can feel the camera controls through the material and don't need to flip them back. However, that means they aren't insulating very well and I can end up with a couple of really cold fingers after a while. Thicker material would mean I'd have to flip them up to use my camera and bare skin is not good in Winnipeg's winter. I don't know what the solution is.

These are fairly inexpensive - see them on Amazon or at your local camera store. I have fairly large hands and I use the XL size.

I heartily recommend these or similar gloves for shooting in winter.

See them on Amazon

Note: I do receive a commission if you follow the Amazon link and purchase something. I only recommend products that I have personally used or come highly recommended to me.

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