Sunday, March 01, 2015

Grain Elevator Art

You've probably noticed that I love grain elevators. As someone who grew up on the eastern side of Canada, they were not part of my experience until I started traveling to the West to visit my girlfriend, who is now my wife. I was captivated by the towering prairie sentinels and since then I've photographed about two hundred elevators, with more to come.

Many people are fascinated by grain elevators and some use them as their subjects for art. Joel Bouchard, of Holland, Manitoba, has produced more than 130 grain elevator paintings and has a wonderful web site to showcase them. In his gallery you can see many Manitoba prairie icons, many of which are for sale. The Free Press wrote about him.

Dan Reid, of Saskatoon, produces some very fine paintings, including many that feature grain elevators. I love the colour bursting from his work.

Tom Hamp of Alberta has some lovely prints of grain elevators on his web site.

Fine Art America has many great grain elevator paintings for sale.

Christopher Walker, of Montreal, produced a very fine painting of one of my favourite Manitoba grain elevators, the former Federal elevator in Snowflake. Read about the process here.

You may know I use Fine Art America/ for my own grain elevator print sales.

Do you know any other artists who feature grain elevators? Please comment below!

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We cross Canada via the Canadian once a year from the states, usually in the winter and my companion, who is a professional painter/teacher simply loves to take photos of grain elevators and then produces pastel paintings of same. Perhaps, the elevators represent the presence of man's work juxtaposed to the vast plains of nature. The storage of life giving grains also may be a primal salute to something unique to mankind. They are also simply wonderful structures! Thanks for your great photos.